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Hi everyone. I'm looking for advice on converting TBZ archetypes to a different system.

I've run a number of Tenra one-shots with my group, and everyone's loved it, but now I want to try a longer, more sand-boxy campaign. I want to keep it in the Tenra setting, but use a different rules system which will better support the kind of campaign I have in mind. In particular, I want to make gradual, long-term character advancement easier, and I want to avoid needing to modify your character's motivations (fates) all the time.

Has anyone else done this already? What system did you use? Did leaving behind the TBZ rules mess with the 'feel' of the world? What worked and what didn't?

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I haven't played a game with any armours yet, but I finally tried statting some out for a game tomorrow. And frankly, I'm pretty underwhelemed. I wanted to make Kimen suit armours in particular, but a 12 point pool for physical attributes makes them easily weaker than a normal melee - focused PC, and they can't even use special armour weapons. I think I'm going to soupe them up a bit or there'll be no point, but has anyone else ran into / dealt with this?

Is there any news about those Mass Combat rules? I wasn't a kickstarter backer, but I'm really looking forward to this DLC! It'll come in very handy in one of upcoming games, and I'm ready to buy it as soon as its available.

I'm confused about an art of war. The Empty Fist Style master rank ability talks about using an opponent's momentum against them, but all it seems to do is weaken the successor's attack. That's rather counterproductive. Am I reading this wrong, or can someone confirm it?

I'm putting together a cowboy type character and have a question about the Typhoon Rider Style. The art of war rules specify it as a melee weapon style, but the dragoon carries a rifle instead of a sword. Can marksmanship also be used with the style? Normally I would have no problem bending such rules anyway, but +10 or +20 damage with a ranged weapon, just from being on a horse, seems a little ridiculous and doesn't make much sense.

Hi everyone! I bought the pdfs ages ago, and have been excited about Tenra since it was on kickstarter, but it wasn't until recently that I finally got a chance to run a game. And it went great! So great we're going to play again next weekend.
Now that I've played, I'll do more than just lurk here. My first question is really, really basic, and I just want some advice from game masters with more experience. What's the best way to handle enemy difficulty in Tenra?
I'm used to Dungeons & Dragons, where even mook enemies can be scary if there are enough of them. In Tenra, the counterattack rules mean that anything weaker than the player can never be a threat, even if they come in hordes. So is there even any point in sending normal NPC's to fight your players? Does every battle become a semi-boss battle? It seems very easy to create NPC enemies at either extreme, but what have people found to be the most fun for their players?
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