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'The molecule's nanographene structure has a dark color that absorbs large amounts of sunlight. The energy from the sunlight is then utilized by the molecule's rhenium "engine" to produce carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide.'

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Norway’s Nature House is a stunning cob dwelling nestled inside a geodesic dome.

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Installation of the Lillian Pitt/Mikkel Hilde "River Guardian" on the Portland West River Esplanade, 17 Dec. 2016
River Guardian Installation
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Fall (Please Read)

Despite the good fortune of being able to take cool shots of models, musicians, and even politicians (thanks in large part to my last print sale, in which your amazing outpouring of support enabled me to replace my dying camera and create images like this shot from my Monday shoot with Zara, and finally earning my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, my 29th year has been extremely difficult. My living situation has been steadily deteriorating, and although I have been applying to many jobs in hopes of providing my son with everything that he deserves, my lack of recent job history (while earning my degree and raising my son) appears to be working against me. While trying to build a portfolio strong enough to enable me to land a consistent and paying photography gig, I have had to rely on one very meager source of steady income (child support) to provide for my son, and just as that source of income suddenly stopped last week, leaving my bank account bare for the foreseeable future, my living situation became even more unsettling. With my 30th birthday a little over two weeks away, I’m hoping to start my next year off on a positive note by hopefully landing a steady paid gig and saving enough money to find a safe place to live; if you happen to know of any gigs or apartments for which I’d be a good fit, I’d greatly appreciate a mention, and if you feel like adorning your walls with any of my work, and helping me shore up my savings account in the process, I’d be forever grateful!

I’ve put together an album ( of some of my favorite images for you to choose from, but feel free to request any of the images that I’ve ever posted on G+, and I’ll be happy to oblige. The pricing for Kodak Professional Lustre prints shipped within the U.S. is as follows (but other shipping locations and paper types are available upon request, as are limited edition prints):

$25 - 8x12"
$35 - 10x15"
$50 - 12x18"
$75 - 16x24"

Send any print requests, inquiries, or PayPal payments to I hate to burden anyone else with the less rosy details of my personal life, but as a single mom of an awesome kid, I'm trying to swallow my pride and find solutions wherever possible. No matter what happens, thank you all so much for your constant encouragement, support, and general awesomeness!!!!

Cheers (and here’s wishing you a wholly enjoyable #halfnekkidthursday ),

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Meanwhile, in Portland. Well, not just yet...
Hey Austin. We’ve been busy designing the Google Fiber network, and now we're on the ground building it. Get a behind-the-scenes look on our blog:

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Vote for Treehouse (and CodeOregon!)
At Treehouse, our mission is to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.... and today we need your support! :)

Please vote for Treehouse so we can help even more students achieve
their dreams:

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Wovoka (c. 1856 - September 20, 1932), also known as Jack Wilson, was the Northern Paiute religious leader who founded the Ghost Dance movement. Wovoka means "cutter" or "wood cutter" in the Northern Paiute language.

Wovoka gained a reputation as a powerful medicine man early in adulthood and is now perceived to have been adept at magic tricks. One feat he often performed was being shot with a shotgun, which may have been similar to the bullet catch trick. Reports of this feat potentially convinced the Lakota that their "ghost shirts" could stop bullets. Wovoka also performed a feat of levitation. One of his chief sources of authority among Paiutes was his alleged ability to control the weather. He was said to have caused a block of ice to fall out of the sky on a summer day, to be able to end drought with rain or snow, to light his pipe with the sun, and to form icicles in his hands.

Wovoka claimed to have had a prophetic vision during the solar eclipse on January 1, 1889. Wovoka's vision entailed the resurrection of the Paiute dead and the removal of whites and their works from North America. Wovoka taught that in order to bring this vision to pass the Native Americans must live righteously and perform a traditional round dance, known as the Ghost dance, in a series of five-day gatherings. Wovoka's teachings spread quickly among many Native American peoples, notably the Lakota.
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