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Vanilla Bean Cutout Cookies (Updated Recipe)
My very first post here was my favorite recipe for  Citrus Vanilla Cutouts . It was January 10th, way back in 2011, we had just moved back to Seattle from CO and I was happy to be a home and getting ready for my best friends wedding. This recipe is still my...

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Gingerbread Latte Cutout Cookies
Tis the season for gingerbread and warm beverages! Gingerbread cookies are one of my favorite things to make this time of year.  Something about the soft, cakey texture, the spiced flavor and the smell that fills your house and lingers long after the cookie...

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Meet Baby Boy
Once upon a time, I made cookies. I loved cookies, making them, decorating them, looking at other people cookies, reading cookie blogs etc. A year ago, I decided to make a baby. Three months ago, he was born and now I cuddle, feed, burp, diaper, soothe, car...

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Happy Mothers Day and Happy 36 Weeks
This Sunday was not just Mothers Day, it was also the ever important 36 weeks milestone for my baby bump! Baby boy will be here oh so soon! I can't believe how quickly these 8 months have gone by! This weekend we decided to drive down to Portland and watch ...

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Hospital Bag and GIVEAWAY!
My absolutely gorgeous diaper/hosptial bag arrived yesterday! And now I officially have baby fever! Petunia Pickle Bottom I am seriously in love with this bag! It's the perfect minty shade, it's organic, it has a fun print, tons of pockets and it's HUGE! I ...

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Carrot Cake Cut Out Cookies
Just in time for Easter, I made a new roll our version of one of my favorite treats! Carrot cake is just so perfectly, perfect for celebrating spring! As with all my cut out cookies I started with my basic Citrus Vanilla cookie recipe . It's a recipe that I...

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Cookies and baby update
I have so many things to catch up on! And a few great new recipes to share with you! But first, a little update on cookies and the bump! The last time I shared a picture, I was only 20 weeks and anxiously waiting for my appointment to find out if baby was g...

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Baking/Blogging Bucket List
I have more than a dozen blog posts that I've started, with recipes I want to try or recipes I have tried and just haven't taken pictures of etc. I have good intentions and then I never turn those intentions into posts! My pinterest boards are bursting with...

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Nursery Plans
The one thing I had known for sure when I got pregnant was that I wanted to do the nursery in mint and gold. It's pretty, it's gender neutral and it doesn't need to be overdone to be great! I had pinned a ton of ideas over the last year (way before we decid...

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