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Where's my planet?
Where's my planet?

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Carbon vs Carbon
“Carbon doesn’t like being alone,” Miss J had said to us as she
held the chalk in her hand like a dart. I wondered what it would be like to be
alone with her at the back of the laboratory. “And this is why we exist,” she
continued, squiggling Cs and Hs and ...

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Notes From An Eclipse
  For those of you who didn’t have the chance to witness last
night’s spectacular lunar eclipse, I took the liberty of dragging my sorry ass
out of bed at 4:30 am to watch it for you. That’s real dedication, if you don’t
mind me saying so, since I am grumpi...

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Expectans Expectavi Aestatum: A Hibernation Survived
I really,
really am not a winter person, to the point that I have become fetishistic
about it: I actively psych myself up for the days between the 21 st of
March and the 21 st of June, when the Southern Hemisphere tumbles
towards its longest night. Being an...

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today
Want to go for a walk in the woods? I'm happy for some company, but I'll be muttering some things to myself. Things that you normally shouldn’t think about, because they’ll hurt you. If you want to enjoy this spring day, don’t read ahead; I might give you n...

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May The Fourth Bring Forth The Force
Today is Star Wars Day. (May the 4th be
with you, etc.) I’m wearing my requisite Stormtrooper T-shirt underneath
“proper”  work attire; my wife is
sporting a set of Princess Leia earrings. This weekend we went to see the new
Avengers movie, which was a suit...

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That Which Passeth Understanding
I have always been open about the fact that I believe in God. Moreover, that my faith is a curious one to many: my beliefs are private, and I don’t force them on anyone. I seem to dismay more believers than non-believers: almost all the atheists I’ve encoun...

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Where It Could Be
Where the pizza is so delicious you enjoy sinning against Tim Noakes. Where you curse that you’re out of R5 coins and then ignore the polite car guard. Where you realise that in Sydney you’d pay more for parking anyway. Where you squirm at the atheist profe...

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Kelp Forests of the Galaxy
The buzz of the fan competes with the whirring of the fridge’s motor, drowning out the sounds of insects and birds outside. The sun is bright and merciless on the mountains, but they are bright green in defiance. Apparently leopards lurk in these hills. I w...

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Words, Words, Words
We need words, and we need the ocean. In fact, we need an ocean of words to wash over ourselves sometimes.   We take language for granted. This is necessary, of course. Our constantly beleagured brains habe to process grammar and vocabulary at a breakneck p...

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J'Accuse! (Or, The Big Bad Wolf Strikes Back)
He's never been given a fair hearing. Until now. J'ACCUSE! I am the Big Bad Wolf, and I have some things to say. I accuse you, Brothers Grimm, and possibly Madame Perrault, and, who knows, even gloomy old Hans Christian, for getting a shitload of things wro...
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