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Congratulation and Goodbye
Even though I know no one will read this. I think I should just vomit this out. Yeah, so few days ago I heard that you've settled down. Like yes, married. Do you know how I felt at that moment? I cried so hard in my heart because I knew you. You're just sli...

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Homeless Children: An Untold Reality
A harmony and progressive country like Malaysia sealed an untold story
behind it. A city light at night become the only beam that witness loneliness
and emptiness of homeless children especially in Kuala Lumpur and others city
in Malaysia. The developing of...

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CIA dan Teori Konspirasi
banyak teori konspirasi mengenai kehilangan MH370 sejak kehilangannya pada 8
Mac yang lalu. Sehingga kini tiada kesan penemuan bangkai pesawat dijumpai,
malahan terlalu banyak informasi serpihan di lautan adalah ‘mungkin’ milik
pesawat MH370. Kemu...

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Smartphones Addiction
fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will
have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein   The
fear of Albert Einsten has already come to a reality. The term ‘lepaking’ is no
longer relevance in this day when the term...

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Article Review: Cyber balkanization; Distraction to the essence of 1 Malaysia
Balkanization is best refers to online segregation which mean the segregation of people on
the Internet, often believed to be a democratizing tool used to bring equality
among people. Another term use to describe it is the splinternet. Splinternet
also refe...

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Socio-political Criticism via Online Journalism
Online Journalism in
Malaysia In a 1997, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad pledged
a no-censorship policy for the Internet when he was courting overseas
investment for high-tech industries. In 1998, the parliament instituted the ‘non-censorship’

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Media Landscape in Malaysia
The Mainstream Media In Malaysia, the media are restricted and controlled through
the ownership of the media house. Mainstream mass media in Malaysia operates
under the control of the ruling parties. News Straits Time Press (NSTP), Utusan
Malaysia is linked...

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