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Trying to figure out how I can incorporate Pinterest in my genealogy research, besides just pinning pictures of things...
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Create a different board for each family group? As for, census records, websites to go back to for research.
It might be interesting to pin images from the time period of the person you're researching at the moment. It could give a great idea of the places, fashions, and historical events that person experienced!
I use it to Pin Churches but it could be used to keep track of Genealogy Blogs or pictures of towns where ancestors lived. Putting up photographs of unidentified persons, places or things.
I'm trying to figure this out as well.
A while ago, I created a Pinterest album "Genealogy".  Last night I started adding old family pictures.  Although we've hardly used it, my wife and I have followed each other, so she began getting notices.  She asked me why I was doing it.  I didn't have an answer!!
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