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Cindy Solomon
Host, Global Product Management Talk and Producer, Startup Product events
Host, Global Product Management Talk and Producer, Startup Product events

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When and where do you have to adapt the profit driven product process when your product has a social mission or benefits?

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Added photos to Live Broadcast: Harsh Realities Of A Tech Startup with Bernd Schoner, PhD, Author,.

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Global Product Management Talk On The Harsh Realities Of A Tech Startup
-->NOTE: This is a DIGITAL EVENT at your location on your device where-ever you are! Live Broadcast with Real Time Twitter Chat - all content available on-demand later in week: Participants are welcome to listen live at
------------>Participants are welcome to listen live at and/or call in to talk on the show (323) 927-2957 and participate on Twitter by following @ProdMgmtTalk and using the hashtag #ProdMgmttalk (Best live listening quality is to call in to listen on the line during the show.)
Bernd Schoner, PhD, Author, Discusses The Harsh Realities Of A Tech Startup and his book, The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide: How To Bootstrap Your Startup, Lead Through Tough Times, And Cash In For Success

Most technology startups never make it to the funding state, and only a small percent of those that are venture-backed generate positive returns for their investors. An even smaller number of startup founders enjoy a prosperous exit.
According to Bernd Schoner, assembling your founding team is a make-or-break move that every business faces. In fact, he says that it “determines the path and outcome of a new venture more than any decision in the life cycle of a company.”
In his new book, The Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide: How to Bootstrap Your Startup, Lead Through Tough Times, and Cash In for Success (McGraw-Hill, May 2014), Bernd Schoner brings aspiring entrepreneurs face-to-face with the harsh realities of a tech startup. He provides an all-encompassing look at entrepreneurship, from inception to exiting, highlighting both the glory and the pain.
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About Bernd Schoner
Bernd Schoner grew up in a small Franconia town in Germany. Despite his passion for music, gymnastics, philosophy, and opera, Bernd went on to study engineering. He made peace with his professional decision when it allowed him to travel afar, attend inspiring schools all over the world, and ultimately become a high-tech entrepreneur.
As a research assistant at the MIT Media Laboratory, Bernd worked in Neil Gershenfeld’s Physics and Media Group and the Things-That-Think research consortium. His main research focused on machine-learning techniques to model string instruments, with the ultimate goal of building a digital Stradivarius. Bernd applied the modeling techniques in a variety of commercial and artistic applications, creating unique applications, such as a digital marching cello and a giant polyphonic floorboard for the Flying Karamazov Brothers. He has authored and coauthored numerous academic papers, articles, and patents both during and since his years at MIT.
A success story in tech entrepreneurship—Bernd Schoner is the cofounder of ThingMagic, a garage-grown RFID technology company led by a small group of MIT Media Lab graduates. An early innovator of the Internet of Things, Schoner led his company through the ups and downs of a startup, ultimately selling to Trimble Navigation, a multibillion-dollar, multinational tech company, where he currently works as the VP of Business Development for ThingMagic.
Bernd holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Rheinisch-Westphaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany, where he was valedictorian of his class, and a degree in Industrial Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris, France. He received his PhD from the MIT Media Laboratory in 2000. Bernd lives with his wife in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New York City.@berndschoner ************************************************************ 
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This is a talented team of creative people - please join me in supporting their efforts! 

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Twitter for Business Jan 28 Oakland
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