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International Women's Day
International Nutella day is cool, and so is International Pancake day. But International Women's Day is something different. Not because men sucks, because honestly they are some of the sweetest and most hardworking people. But so are women, and that is wh...

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Introducing Myself
Imagine that This Is Me from Camp Rock  is playing in the background, while you are reading this.  Because it has been 4 months, and I fell like I haven't introduced myself properly.  So if I am going to do it now, I might as well do it right. I got some fa...

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Bying Clothes In The Man Sections.
The clock is nearly 9 pm
and you are in the shops getting some food for tomorrow morning. While you are
passing the food on the checkout, you look to the side out of boringness, and
that is when you see it. Spotted at the top shelves
at half price is the mo...

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Monthly Favorits: Warm Blues And Cold Browns
January is the month of new beginnings, and for me old traditions.  So many people think January is the month we need to get over as quickly as possible - but I love January.  The snow is falling outside my window, I am seeing my friends after a long vacati...

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I Got 99 Problems And Baking Is One Of Them
Yes I know what you are thinking; why the living hell did you call your blog Jeans& Macaroons  if you do not know how to bake? Well, to make a long story short; I hated to bake the sweets, but I loved to eat the sweets  - and still do. Through the years I h...

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Red Lips Is All You Need
It is something that has been rated so many times - sometimes called a bold lip, other times called a classic trick, but has it ever been called enough? A red lip go under many names, but today I will give it one more; a red lipstick is all you will ever ne...

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We are officially in 2015,
and everything is exiting. People are once again making post’s like; New year
new me, I haven’t showered since last year, I remember 2014 like it was
yesterday and so on. I feel like I should do
something as well, so I dedicate th...

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New year hair: Short and sassy
„ The new year is  coming  soon, and with a new year, a new style follows. “   Hair is something you can try to copy, make it look different, or not care about it. No matter what, there aren't two kind of hairdos that are exactly the same - unless you are g...

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Santa What
Warm chocolate, long hugs, wrapping paper, and lots of traditions. Christmas is here, and it feels absolutely wonderful. Something about Christmas makes everything seem magical. Maybe it is the feeling you get when you open the presents. Maybe it is your fa...

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Questions For The Soul, Not The Brain.
Questions that we should not ask other but ourself. It took me a while to answer these, and even now I am not sure which answers I would pick. *Most of these questions come from  marcandangel 1. If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like...
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