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Jeremy Day
Comics creator, gardener, onliner
Comics creator, gardener, onliner

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Computer Assistance Cowley's flowershow
My local computer shop does do a lovely job on our computers.            The same care an attention is visible in their front-garden, which is all in troughs and planters, much of it bricked in, so it sits above the Oxford clay (or possibly on top of tarmac...

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there's a secret roofgarden outside my office
I can see Sow Thistle, with its usefully shallow roots; Willowherb, which will of course grow anywhere; Jack-in-the-hedge, one of nature's great spreaders, and other wayfaring weeds. Pigeons are sometimes up here, and dust blows in; that's enough to make so...

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miracles and magic in the garden
At the moment, in my garden, the moss and mulch is doing most of the work. At this grey time of year, where all work undertaken is bundled up in layers and cringing from the cold, I came across this image in a months-old magazine of a pale woman wearing war...

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June in the Garden
The most beautiful flowers are food for the slugs (actually they don't seem very keen on the foxgloves).

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February in the Garden
  Twilight in the garden; small glows mark where the flowers are starting to flicker through. The quince is in flower too, but so deep in shadow that the camera won't focus.

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latebricole: Of an animal, esp. a spider: living concealed in a hole.
September has come to the garden. Mostly I am experiencing this by walking into spiderwebs. With pleasurable synchronicity, OED's Word of the Day has served me up latebricole. This hole is not from outside. It's in my veranda, a boxed-in porch that is not q...

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tropical bedrooms are all the rage this spring

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gardening is colossally dull; also cold
It's a dismal day today. Flecks of snow spattering down from a low, grey and somehow gritty sky, the exact colour of cat-litter. I've been out, for a walk, but not into the garden because at this time of year it's dark, depressing, soggy, muddy and miserabl...

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ple-e-e-e-ease turn off your adblocker
The wheedling messages from the honest-buck websites have been intensifying of late. Each site presents a variation on the same justification; advertising pays our way, and the more you block the less they pay.   It's a hard dilemma for the free-to-access w...
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