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Pacific Northwest Artist

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Her Head is Bald
She asked me to shave her head.  This wasn’t the first time, but I was always
able to dissuade her before.  This time,
she was adamant.  If I didn’t do it, she
was going to.  So I shaved her head.  I shaved off the beautiful red locks that
everyone loved as...

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To Be Me
I need a day to breath To sit and not care about anything around me To only know that I exist And nothing else I need a day to be silent To hear the subtle whispers of the earth To let my ears stop throbbing From the constant assault of noise I need a day t...

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The Serendipity of Mayonnaise
She wanted an egg, without the yolk, my youngest daughter was being specific and stubborn.  I just wanted her to eat some protein. I gave in, and separated the yolk from the white.  The white was fried up and served, but what to do with the yolk?  Mayonnais...

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Purple and Green Makes Me Smile
Star of February by Sarah McTernen I love creating jewelry with purple and green.  Every time I pair the colors together I am reminded of a friend who loved to where a purple t-shirt with dark green jeans.  I looked at him quizzically and told him purple an...

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Don't Let the Opportunity Pass You By
When you are a kid, pictures with your parents are inevitable.  They are around you all the time and even a simple get together can bring the opportunity for a candid snap of you hugging your mother or talking with your father.  As you walk your way into ad...

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Green Stuff: Herbal Ointment for Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes and Scratches
  A long time ago there was a product I used to buy that I used on every boo boo in the house, whether it was the kids or the adults. but as the years went one, this ointment was harder and harder to find.   Me being me, I knew that I could come up with a f...

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The World Awaits - Pictures and Poetry
The world awaits the beginning of the day, lingering a second to breath in the sanctity of the sun rising over a horizon of infinite possibilities ~Sarah McTernen Thanks for reading, Sarah http://ardentlife.ets...

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Searching by Sarah McTernen Tacoma, WA 2015   Thank you for looking, Sarah McTernen 

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  Focus by Sarah McTernen Gig Harbor, WA 2015     Thanks for looking, Sarah McTernen 

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Cleaning is the Death of Creativity, Apparently
  I hate admitting when this happens.  I hate admitting it, but I think I have to. I am in a rut. I am stuck in a deep creative rut that has proven difficult to climb out of. Since at least the beginning of February I have been purging the house.  I decided...
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