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Happy Birthday, Sinatra. Listen here today for the ultimate tribute...

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A return to the art of The Cloisters for The Vault of Horror!

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G+nius Love Everyday Keeps Hurricanes Away?
Love ya East Coast... I'm singing a song and hangin' on!

Your G+rl,

Ps. New idea from +Michael Copeland - Re-share this to make a big CIRCLE of G+nius love and protection! <3

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Daria Musk, impending online musical phenom...
Did that just happen?! :-)
I'm speechless G+niuses!
Thank you for your love, thank you for sharing your night / day / afternoon with us,
thank you for your beautiful faces and for dancing and for your kindness and your brilliance and your amazing hearts!

Thank you G+niuses! Thank you Google! Huge thanks to +Cam Meadows and +Michael Mozart for streaming and for your friendship!
I'll post a giant thank you to everyone when I wake up...
Hmm is there a "tag all" button here?? ;-)

8 Hours... It went by in such a flash...
Remind me when I wake up that this wasn't a just a dream!
But it is a dream come true.

My heart is forever yours.
I can't wait to read all your notes, see your pictures and talk with you all!
Thank you for another life-changing night. Knowing you is the greatest gift ever.

Your G+rl forever and ever,
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