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Thoughts become things

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It’s not goodbye, not just yet…
Dear CWB readers I trust everyone is enjoying the festive season. I
know I have, hence this late posting! I must apologies for the silence, but
hope to pick things up once the new year kicks in. As indicated by my last
posting, a distant memory by now (!), ...

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Final days in Mindo
I had promised myself that I would pay Mindo a visit on the way back to Quito. So there I was, at the turnoff to Mindo, standing beside the largest cock-of-the-rock I had ever seen. It looked rather hideous but then who am I to judge something that I could ...

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Reaching the furthest point
I was getting to the end of my cycle travels and the thought of it had not yet dawned on me. Who would have guessed that the furthest town I would reach would be called Los Bancos in Ecuador – I, for one, did not see that coming.  After visiting Bellavista ...

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Forest birding at it finest
The hummingbird garden at Pacha Quindi Nature Refuge is a truly marvelous spot for observing and photographing hummers. There are simply endless options for getting the best photographs possible, given the time of course! After filling my camera’s memory ca...

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Something about hummingbirds
I left Quito rather late, but then just in time to make it to a small town called Nono. The sun had already set when I pulled up to what seemed to be the only shop in sight, opposite a small police station. I had just come to halt when two people approached...

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How to get to Quito
Nothing seemed too different when I crossed the border from Colombia to Ecuador. It was still green hills everywhere. Before long I reached Tulcán, the first major city on the main road to Quito. A well-attended local festival was in full swing, with the ma...

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Rushing to the border
I had two weeks left. Two weeks to reach Ecuador before my Colombian visa expired. From Bogota it was only 800 km to the border, but I had little idea of what obstacles lay ahead. I'd be cycling through the Andes again, and for a while. So there was no poin...

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Cock-of-the-Rock and some others
Entering the foothills of the Andes was a change from
the plains I had become accustomed to. The bird assemblage naturally changed
too, with numerous species I had not seen for some time, such as Swallow-winged
Puffbird, Black-tailed and Black-crowned Tityr...

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Mani beats all expectations
I spent a few days in Mani, camping at a hotel near
the banks of the Cusiana River. My stay coincided with a carnival of sorts, and
hence the town was crowded with locals and visitors flocking to witness the
festivities. While I enjoyed wandering the street...

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Taking the detour to Mani
On arrival in Yopal I met up with Pedro and his
family, who kindly hosted me for some days while I made wheel repairs to
my bike – over 25 000 km had begun to take its toll on the hubs and rims. I
was fortunate to share the New Year with the family, and enj...
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