Top 25 Shared circles for New Google+ users
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1. Out of the box into a circle: change your G+ world! - By +Max Huijgen
2. 10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+ - By +Louis Gray
3. How to Be Circled on Google+ - By +Peter G McDermott
4. Your Recommendations Circle - By +Mike Shaw
5. Shared Circle: Engaging Women On Google+ - By +Louis Gray

6. Google+ goodness! - By +Jaana Nyström
7. Google+ Users the Community Couldn't Live Without - By +Dan Leveille
8. Googlers Who Rock! - By +Natalie Villalobos
9. UPDATED High Quality Sharing People Of G+ circle - By +Rinus Bakker
10. New to Google+? - By +Chase Mann

11. All plussers are valuable - By +Jari Huomo
12. Google+ Mentors - v 1.0 [5th March 2012] - By +Lee Smallwood
13. The "I'm Putting You On The Spot" Circle - By +Sean Cowen
14. An Ultimate Google+ Circle of Inspiration, Knowledge, Entertainment & Value [Part I] - By +Melody Lynn
15. The Best Google+ Users in 2011 Chosen By Google+ Community - By +Alireza Yavari

16. Top 500 Most Followed People on Google+ - By +Giuseppe Basile
17. Helpful People circle - By +Zach Alcorn
18. Looking for people that are active on Google+? - By +Martijn van der Meulen
19. Extended collaboration circle - By +Miguel Rodriguez
20. Highly Recommended circle for Newbies.. - By +Rahul Roy

21. Want to share the 2nd of 2 circles of Engaging People here on G+ - By +Lee Smallwood
22. Want to share the 1st of 2 circles of Engaging People here on G+ - By +Lee Smallwood
23. 100 genuine engagers. - By +Joe Lancaster
24. Want To See The Magic of Google Plus - Version 4 - By +Amanda Blain
25. top engagers circle! - By +stephanie wanamaker

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