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New feature added to the Mobile Device Support Site highlighting applications and mobile technologies in use or being tested for use in classrooms at Georgia Southern
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This is an oldie but a goodie...
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Gmail app for iOS is back in the AppStore. Does not seem to work with GoogleApps accounts. But if you want to try it out with your personal Gmail give it a go. Google reminds us that this is a new app and is still in development so support for Apps accounts may come eventually.
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The announcements section of the mobile support site will soon be closing down along with the Twitter feed. These are being replaced by this Google + Page. The transition to Google + provides the ability to custom tailor updates based on users devices. For example if a news blurb about an update for iPhone comes out only iPhone users will receive the notification keeping Android users free from the clutter of useless information. Not signed up for Google +. It's easy to do, submit a support request and we will gladly help you through it. When you add this page to your circles be sure to let us know your device type so we can circle you in the correct group!
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To send a message to a user, like if you want this page to know your device, simply create a post and share it with them only, or mention them in a post via +name. Such as +Georgia Southern Mobile Device Support . Sign me up for Android and iOS news, please!
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Google+ does have an iOS app, sadly though much like the Gmail app there is not yet support for Google Apps accounts.
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Google Music is leaving beta today. Look for an update on your Android phone for the app if you are using it. Additionally Google now has it's own music store integrated in the Android Market.
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