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Major couriers at discounted prices
Major couriers at discounted prices

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"So far Starship’s robot buggy has travelled over 130 kilometers in London, Boston, New York and San Francisco. A pilot study will commence in the London borough of Greenwich in 2016."

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In 2014 the courier industry heaved under the strain of a Black Friday tradition imported from the USA. This year, parcel delivery firms are ready. Find out what you can do to make sure your parcel delivery isn't impacted by the Black Friday & Cyber Monday mayhem.

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"ToYou will offer real time and individual parcel tracking for customers and will allow third party brands to use the service... This collect and return offer will be the first of its kind in the grocery sector and will give Asda a platform to compete with its rivals."

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"Couriers everywhere struggle with the challenges of last-mile delivery, especially in urban areas. Now, an Israeli industrial designer has come up with a solution that strikes a balance between size, speed, and precision—"unicycle" delivery drones."

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"The public holiday for Boxing Day is due to fall on the following Monday, so thousands of Scots could be forced to wait until the Tuesday to pick up their gifts, a whole four days after Christmas."

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"By the end of 2015 retailers are expected to send more than 860 million parcels to British homes, up from 600 million in 2012"

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"Retailers are braced for the biggest shopping day of the year, after last year’s frenzy shocked many unprepared sellers - and this year sales are set to climb higher still."

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"This delivery model, claimed Benton, would help cut pollution and congestion in the city centre and – as anyone who has had to contend with Oxford city centre traffic will attest – it might even be faster and cheaper too."

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"People are increasingly more comfortable with more categories of e-commerce now, and they are happy to purchase almost anything online."

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