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I totally agree, this would be a great feature!
Dear Google Plus, (share this post if you agree)

We want to see our favourite posts in one place.

Please add a link to the left which I can click on a see a list of all the posts here which I have +1'd.

I'm getting tired of asking. Yet you seem to keep adding things which people are not asking for. Like the 'What's hot' link and the YouTube 'kind of playlist' thing.

You are called Plus. We Plus things when we like them. We want to see them again some day. Give us this very, very easy-for-you-to-implement filter link for the left menu.

DONT JUST PLUS IT (though thanks!). SHARE IT. SPREAD THE WORD! NO ONE ELSE (but the author) CAN 'READ' A PLUS!

And no, I do not mean the +1 tab on the profile page. (So many people think that's it)
That tab lists the 'external web urls' on which I have clicked a +1 button. NOT the Google Plus posts I have +1'd


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I was planning to write a semi-long post on the "Power of the .GIF" But this photo says it all. We allowed .GIFs at MySpace and it added so much personality to profile photos, comments, shares and everything else. I knew FB was the anti-MySpace and didn't want that kind of Tomfoolery on the network, but I'm glad to see them back here at G+. I think G+ has a nice balance of the serious and the whimsical, and .GIFs are your friend :) Wonder if Twitter will be allowing more rich media inline, or will they hold down the 140 character fort?

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