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Christian, historian, programmer
Christian, historian, programmer
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You can watch Andrea and I's betrothal ceremony and celebration in this video. 

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I'm very happy to announce that last Saturday, Andrea Noah and I got engaged. Our courtship over the last four months has been an amazing experience. We look forward to many years of joyful service to God together. Praise the Lord, for he has blessed me with far more than I could ever deserve!
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If you were to find yourself on the outskirts of the small village of Crecy, France, on August 26 1346, you would find a sight very strange to modern eyes. Thousands of Englishmen arrayed for battle against the French, and at the head of one of the English divisions, a 16 year old boy.

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power is one of the great stories of European history. He was born the son of a minor noble on the island off the coast of Italy, yet in just a few decades he gained control of France and conquered most of Europe. He could do this because he had the skills and abilities required to seize favorable situations that he encountered and turn them to his own benefit. In his life, we can learn principles that are applicable to anyone, as well as dangerous traits common to many dictators in history who have abused their power.

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Check out this video we shot at the Battle of Waterloo reenactment last Friday. Thanks to +Christian Di Lorenzo and Stephen Horn for the help. 

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Had a great time backpacking in Linville Gorge last weekend!
Linville Gorge 2015
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The Herald-Sun printed my letter to the editor:

Where’s our Roy Moore?
Down in Alabama last week, Chief Justice Roy Moore resisted the rulings of federal courts which overturned the provisions in their state constitution forbidding the license of sex marriages.

North Carolina is in a similar situation. In 2012 more than 60 percent of the voters approved Amendment 1, but back in October it took only one federal judge to overturn it.

Federal courts point to the 14th Amendment as justification for their decisions, but anyone who reads it can see that it can not be justly construed to either require the recognition of same-sex marriages, or to give the federal courts any jurisdiction over state laws in these matters.

Ultimately the responsibility in North Carolina lies with the county registers of deeds who are elected on a local level. It is their jurisdiction to decide whether or not to issue marriage licenses. Citizens must hold them to account, and urge them to stand up for marriage as ordained by God, to resist judicial tyranny, enforce state law, and defend states' rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Where is North Carolina's Roy Moore to lead this charge?

Here's one of my favorite quotes. It is from Samuel Davies, the Great Awakening preacher who Patrick Henry sat under:

"Oh, my dear brother! Could we spend and be spent all our lives in painful, disinterested, indefatigable service for God and the world, how serene and bright would it render the swift approaching eve of life!"
- Samuel Davies

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