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Display a Google+ Widget on your website or blog!
Display a Google+ Widget on your website or blog!

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Let's keep in touch ! This page will be deprecated in a few days. If you want to ask some questions or need some help regarding Google+ Widget, feel free to add/reach me on my G+ Profile.

+Florian Bersier , Lead Developer Google+ Widget

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Release of my new production: Gmelius™, a cross-browser application that proposes a better and cleaner Gmail™ inbox. Try it!

Gmelius has been already featured on TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and other top tech news sites.

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Google+ Widget source code is now available under a MIT license on Github. Please feel free to fork the repository and adapt the code to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Please let us know what you made and we will link to it and even host it on the widget's homepage!

Have fun...

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App of the Day via +Florian Bersier | The next Skype?

How is it better than Skype:

1) No installation of 3rd-party software, directly runs from your browser
2) Link your existing phone number with your Vox account (free), so everyone knows you are calling
3) Get email on missed call. Call back from email client
4) Voice and video calls. On web and iPhone
5) Calling stats: durations, contacts, days
6) Excellent chat
7) low intl fares

Try it at

More info:


The widget is now hosted by Google code and will be so up 100% of the time. The current version will be disabled in seven days, so please take the time to regenerate a new version of the widget before next Tuesday by going to:

Moreover, its code has been completely reviewed and optimized.

Hope you will like it. The widget is made available for free but rests on your donations, so please support its continuous development by clicking on "Donate"... Thanks in advance!

+Florian Bersier , Google+ Widget Developer

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Gmail users | A Chrome extension that we find über-cool: Gmelius.

Gmelius removes all ads in your Gmail and puts in place numerous UI changes that will make your Gmail more intuitive and cleaner.

Try it at

Google+ Widget now includes the brand new rel="publisher" meta snippet introduced by Google yesterday for Google+!

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Google+ Widget is now compatible with Google+ Pages. Add our customizable widget to your company's website !

Google+ Widget is still in its βeta version. So, please take time to leave your reviews, suggestions, bugs and ideas to improve it. This post is especially dedicated to this goal. Just write what you have in mind and/or plus1 the previous users' suggestions you think would be great to implement. Thanks!
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