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Cori Stanley
Day to day with the Stanleys: love, South Africa adoption, paleo, crossfit, DIY projects, & else in between!
Day to day with the Stanleys: love, South Africa adoption, paleo, crossfit, DIY projects, & else in between!


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The Truth, Our Story
Believe it or not, I can barely keep a secret from you all. Barely. But telling our story and letting you in on a little something was something I managed to do. Many of you have been wondering, so we decided to make a little video to explain our story. Som...

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Waiting, and Waiting, and Waiting: Enjoy the Journey!
TIME: I don't even know what it is anymore. It's gone by fast when I think of the fact that 2015 is gone and we are halfway through the first month of 2016, yet I feel like it could still possibly be 2014 (partly kidding). It's also crept by like a slug or ...

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2 Months Later + A Tool & Wood Shed Update
I haven't posted a blog in two whole months. Pretty much exactly to the date. I've decided I may have to become a seasonal blogger. While I'm hibernating (and not quite as busy), I will blog. And when the weather turns, I will disappear from the blogging wo...

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Your Guide To A Quick Crater Lake & Waterfall Adventure
We are known for quick trips. We like to run the trails, hang out at the view point, then run back. We pack quick, set up camp quick, and do it just the same when it's time to head home. I'm not sure if we do it because we can see more in a short time or if...

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Bison Burgs & A Blueberry Date Topper
You guys, these tan lines of mine are incredible. So
incredible that the lifeguard at the pool the other day said something to me
about them. I’m pretty sure his exact words were “those are some pretty
impressive tan lines.” Thanks for pointing them out you...

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The Ladies of The Backyard & Their Spot
You guys, I feel like I'm decorating the chicken coop as though I'm decorating a bedroom. If only I actually put the time and effort into decorating one of the rooms around here, something would actually look finished in the house. Instead, the chicken coop...

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Adoption Update
I will apologize from the get go. The whole "adoption update" isn't much. It's just that we get the same question often lately..."how's the adoption going?" or "any news yet?" And we've got nothing. So, sorry I brought you here for very little. Another mont...

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This Guy Of Mine & Why We Say "YES"
We get to choose who we want to do life with. Choose wisely. #stanleylife #mcm Everyday we love, everyday we say yes to life's daily invite, and everyday this is what our mornings look like. A simple peace sign and a "love you." Every. Day. But on mornings ...

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Three Favorites
All I have to say is cashew pepper dip, organic chorizo, and Humm kombucha. I want to scoop up the cashew dip and eat it by the spoonful. I don't, so instead I dip veggies in it. The chorizo, better believe that gets all mixed up in some of our fresh eggs, ...

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A Fear to Start, A Goal Accomplished...Half Ironman Training Update!
Nearly 4 months ago I swam laps with my head above water. I would panic if my head was under water for too long while attempting to free style swim. I never wore goggles, a swim cap, or ear plugs. Take a moment to envision the chick that shows up to lap swi...
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