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Features about planting flowers.Bulk flower seeds and seed for wedding favors
Features about planting flowers.Bulk flower seeds and seed for wedding favors

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Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates transitory works of art by arranging leaves, sticks, rocks or anything else he can find outside.

“When I make somethi...
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Man Arranges Leaves, Sticks, And Stones To Create Magical Land Artworks
Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates transitory works of art by arranging leaves, sticks, rocks or anything else he can find outside.…

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Cool/Moist Stratificatiion: Winter treatment of spring seeds.

In nature most seed endures a cold spell we humans call winter. In order help seed germinate in the spring you can duplicate this condition and help brake dormancy which is what happens to seed (and bears) in the winter. Place small batches of seeds in a plastic bag with some damp peat moss, perlite or vermiculite. There needs to be a little water visible at the bottom of the bag. Place in refrigerator for anywhere from a month to 6 weeks. At he end of the stratification period inspect the seed and look for radicles to emerge from the seed coats. If you see them it is time to plant. Some seed may take longer. Do not allow them to dry out. If spring has not yet arrived or the ground is still too cold you can plant in pots and start them indoors. This method is typically beneficial for most seeds but in the case of some seeds such as Echinacea (purple coneflower) it is imperative as they will not germinate without it. 

Here is a partial list of germination times for various most common flower seeds. Keep in mind that many factors affect germination. Temperatures, soil moisture, planting depth all affect germination.

Yarrow: 30-100. very irregular so don't give up
Alyssum 7-14 Needs light so don't cover
butterfly weed 30-90
aster 10-14
calendula 10-14 must be covered
bachelor button 7-14 must be covered
cosmos 5-10
sweet william 14-21
foxglove 15-20
echinacea (purple coneflower) 10-21 needs light
sun flower 10-14
rocket larkspur 14-21
marigold 5-14
nasturtium 7-12
love in a mist 10-15
poppies 10-30 must be covered
black eye susan 21-42
zinnia 10-24

This is the germination time meaning the length of time for the seed to awaken and start growing. It is not the amount of time it will take for you to see a plant. Annuals will bloom the same year they are planted. Perennials will grow the first year but not bloom until the following year. Hope this helps in your planning!!!!! Come on spring!

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Getting married this spring or summer? Consider flower seeds as wedding favors for your guests. You can go with a mix which is full of annual and perennial blooms or single type seed. The most popular seed after the spring mix is the Chinese Forget Me Nots. They are virtually guaranteed to bloom and re-seed themselves so they will come back every year. Not always where you want them but as early spring blooms they are always cheery. They do however have to be planted fairly early in the year so if your wedding is in July these won't work. . In addition they are relatively inexpensive. There are lots of other places to spend money.As far as containers go, some people use small coin envelopes, glassine rounds tied with a bow or home made envelopes. As a rule of thumb I figure 1 lb of seed makes between 150-200 teaspoons. Here is a picture of a lb of seed mix to give you a visual.

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Veterans Day. To all that serve, and who have served.

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This is just too cool not to share. Project for the dark days of winter when we are all thinking of spring.....

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Pumpkins everywhere. Pumpkin Lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins..... and they are now about to harvest them!!!! Nice time of year. Don't forget to use the fallen leaves as mulch for the winter.

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Thought this might interest all of you. It is from a site called Backyard Diva which has some fun ideas. Always good to know flowers you can use to garnish a salad or decorate a cake. There are more edible flowers (marigolds for one) but this is a good start

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Seeds to plant in the Fall for spring blooms. In nature flowers sow seeds after they are done blooming and have dried. Typically they stay dormant until the following spring. Some seed will not survive a hard freeze but many will. Here is a list of seeds that can be planted i most zones:
Alyssum, Black Eyes susan (Rudbeckia), Calendula, Coreopsis, Echinacea (Coneflower) Foxglove (digitalis) Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) Red Corn poppy (Palaver Rhoes). Most do not need to be planted very deeply, usually just barely cover or leave on top of the soil. The rains will cover them up. Always good to plan ahead!

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Grown from our seed. Sweet Basil. Add tomatoes, a little mozzarella, a little balsamic.....yum.
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