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Потрясающий МД! Большое спасибо организаторам за этот праздник!
Отличные проработанные маршруты: минимальный, как и полагается лёгкий и быстрый, а красные не обманули ожиданий по сложности. Было интересно смотреть по сторонам, порталы подобраны нескучные, мерч классный, карта великолепная.

Подготовка и регистрация на высшем уровне, ждём ещё мероприятий у вас ;)

#MissioNNday #IngressMissionDay #Ingress #niantic #mdnn18 #NizhnyNovgorod
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Приветствую, агенты!

Ингресс — игра командная, одиночка мало на что способен. Комьюнити Enlightened Moscow (IEM) открыто не только для Московского региона, как можно предположить из названия, но и для всех Просвещенных России, СНГ и зарубежья.

Что нужно сделать агенту?

По некоторым причинам прием через эту группу больше не работает. Если вы хотите вступить в IEM, обратитесь к активным игрокам в своем районе. Если вы не знаете никого из районных, напишите в лс модераторам данного сообщества.

Telegram @Akalabet @o_oddy @Alenkij @ulafitay
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"The Lion King"

"Hakuna Matata!" ©

Created Dec 16, 2017, at 11:30PM. A lot of multi-color cross-links destroyed, about 500 links built, 164 agents involved in field and 8 behind the screen.
This is the end (maybe :)

Moscow Enlightened Team wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Be Enlightened.

#TheLionKingMoscow #Enlightened #EnlightenedMoscow #Ingress

+Ingress +Niantic +NIA Ops +Andrew Krug
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Moscow agents


in collaboration with teams BUKI, NEM0 and NRT

presents to you


- 14 successful nested fields (three missed checkpoint)
- 85 agents involved
- 6 agents participated for the first time
- lots of enl fun and smurfs tears

You can read a full sitrep here (in Russian):
All photos and gifs are here:

#Ingress #sitrep #Moscow #Enlightened

+Niantic Project +Andrew Krug
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Hope, this will be fixed.

Translated by +Furry Fury​. Thank you very much, dear :)

Ma 22, 2017

The storm struck swiftly and without mercy. Each time the wind seemed to peak, it rose even higher. After a clap of thunder, rain came pouring down, almost horizontal. Everything was in its path — the tent, the tables, the court, the platform with ottomans, and the excited visitors to the sports camp celebrating the end of day by playing soccer with a Cola can.

The rain lasted just a few minutes, yet the seemingly flat concrete surface was covered with deep puddles. The canopy provided no protection for the stuff stown below, and everything was drenched in water. I glanced over at one of the tables and was horrified to see my phone lying there. Nope, it wasn’t turning on. The camp was supposed to last 5 more days — my Soujorner medal was in danger!

I couldn’t follow the recommended procedure and remove the battery, as disassembling Xiaomi mi5s plus required a screwdriver, and the closest service center was in 60 kilometers (37 miles). All I could do in my bungalow was to blow it dry. In the silence, I could hear the sizzle of the water turning into vapor coming from the phone jack. No other options left, I steeled myself and pressed the power button.

The phone came back to life. GPS, mobile data, camera, fingerprint scanner… Everything was working except for Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

I could live with that, having enough data left on my Turkcell SIM card to last till the end of the trip. It looked like the chip controlling radio inferface died down, but after looking throught a couple of forum topics, I came across a post describing a similar problem solved by installing a special firmware. What the hell, I thought — it’s not like I was in a hurry to disassemble my phone. Upon coming home, I requested Xiaomi support service to unlock the bootloader.

Three days later, I got a reply. Firmware installation worked without a hitch, but it didn’t help — just the same, the Wi-Fi icon was switching off as soon as I tried to turn in on. I wasn’t too crushed (it’s not like I was holding out much hope for that), so I restored the official firmware and all my backed up apps.

Almost done with Magnus Architect medal, I set out on my usual Saturday bike ride, idly playing Ingress along the way… until hacking the next portal just didn’t register and the portals around stopped refreshing. Terrified, I recalled all warnings I got after buying a Xiaomi device. The phones of this brand are famous for their long battery life, which comes with a cost: mercilessly terminating all background processes when the phone goes to sleep. Usually, it’s not a big deal — however, Ingress anti-cheat system considers any movement spikes suspect, so it’s recommended to turn the power saving mode off for this application specifically. However, I forgot to do just that after re-installing the system. I was banned less than a day after that.

Seeing as I was riding a bike when that happened, all my movements, including cadence, air temperature, and even heart rate, were meticulously recorded by my bike computer with a built-in GPS tracker. I asked my faction buddies to copy my last movements from COMM channel, and matched them against my route.

Anyone can check them and see if they’re true. I foresee speculations about me using GPS Freeze — and nope, I was not using that at all, especially seeing as it doesn’t make much sense when playing on a bike, and is pretty risky.

I’ve gathered all available information and sent a request to Ingress support service. At the moment, I have two letters, and the first one makes no secret it was machine-generated, while the second was (supposedly) written by a person, judging by the “From” field, yet contains a standard dismissal. I am certain that no one from Niantic has even read the fruits of my labor, and it was all in vain.

Bottom line is:

1. I broke no Ingress rules.

2. I was banned by an anti-cheat algorithm. I suspect it was triggered by the following: power saving settings which forbid the Ingress app from receiving my position while in background mode; unlocked phone bootloader (do not confuse that with rooting — I never rooted my phone. Unlocked bootloader simply allows the user to install a custom firmware).

3. As in many cases before, Niantic employees pay no attention to any circumstances and do not even read the banned users’ explanations. I accept that they may not have the resources for that, yet it does not excuse letting a machine do something that may nullify thousands of hours spent by players in the game. I consider this, at the very least, exceedingly disrespectful to the users.

I urge you to spread this message. Maybe public outcry could change this attitude, and the next victims of the unforgiving algorithm would be given a fair hearing.
+Niantic+Ingress+Ingress Enlightened+Matilde Tusberti+Niantic Inc.+NIA Ops
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Мысль о том, что неплохо бы нарисовать к Новому Году ёлку, витала в чате больше месяца, но к каким-либо действиям это не приводило. До тех пор, пока вдруг за 3 дня до праздника все резко не проснулись. Активное обсуждение привело к появлению двух версий плана — ёжиками и традиционно, полями. Выбор пал на вторую версию, которую дополнили вложенками. Ну а дальше, срочный фарм ключей, попытки угадать, встретим ли мы сопротивление, и прочая суматоха.

Несмотря на спонтанность и небольшие глюки от ниа, опрц прошла гладко, все ярусы ёлочки успешно расположились на карте между Митино и Красногорском, а за ними и пенёк. Не все местные резисты были готовы поддержать праздничный дух: пока одни дружелюбно предлагали обмыть филдарт шампанским, другие почти сразу после отрисовки не очень дружелюбно аданули один из узлов. Однако, ни филдарт, ни настроение нам это испортить уже не могло.

Агенты Митино и Красногорска поздравляют всех с наступающим Новым Годом! Зелёного неба ;)

agotro, Akalabet, atolok, Bariori, DrawdeRus, jobberman, kazZzantip, koorenie, Metagom, pashikosh, Pavel326, peipus, SindyKate
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Больше месяца назад в чатах случайно родилась идея создания инициативной группы ПМС, три человека восприняли идею всерьёз и появился оргчат. Около недели прикидывали точки, обсуждали концепцию и вот стало очевидно, что операции под кодовым названием Piece of Cake быть.

Решили нарисовать матрешку с тремя закрытыми углами — два опорника и грядка, которая к отсечке станет недоступна. А дальше всё как обычно — шлифовка плана, фарм ключей, поиск участников, разделение на команды. Время пролетело очень быстро, самый волнительный день для оргов настал.

Все команды провели очень четкую и слаженную работу — быстро, красиво и грамотно расчистили трассы, положили контркроссы, практически нигде не встретив активного сопротивления. Трассы были готовы и за 10 минут до отсечки все запланированные поля были сделаны, несмотря на два кворума агентов сопротивления неподалеку от трасс. План предполагал также перевес нескольких внутренних полей без снятия всей матрешки, но, к сожалению, на северный опорник прилетел синий вертолет — Pyatachische. Портал был снесен и поднят заново несколько раз, и линковщики снова и снова поднимали поля, ключей было достаточно, перевесы происходили ещё больше получаса.

Мы хотим выразить огромную благодарность всем, кто принял участие в опрц, только благодаря вашим усилиям всё получилось. Отдельное спасибо замечательным тимлидам, вы зачистили очень сложные районы, вы предусмотрели опасные кроссы и вы дали нам уверенность в результате. А также большое спасибо нашим операторам!
Операция прошла успешно, до встречи в полях!

Организация: AgentSineNomine, Akalabet, jobberman, WindySky

Небо: 0ddy, ASKirilL, Balmer, Demruno, DJARVIS, Gastie, Glabrezu, iMalkav, Itey, kreon, nedobudda, Snegniy, Sunny0s, trotus, WindySky, YesMolotowa

Линковка: AgentSineNomine, ArniTC, hedger, kill0v0lt, Malsara, WRC

Полевые агенты: 0rs, 1another1, aesca, Alenkij, Alfenka, alfina, AndreyWild, Artemych, askon, atn18, atolok, Avel00, BaalNos, balalaikin, belyak0va, bestboroda, bobshard, Boris05, bra1ss, brilliance111, brobobo, Bujholm, Burzuruk, butyavka, Castanuela, Chepser, Cmint, Connoreika, craneo, Cronosnext, cuttercreator, d0076, D0pplerEffect, d133s, dangnax, DashaAntique, dbear, Dearhender23, DentonDS, Despensero, DrShurae, DrSun, dvacveta, Eakwarp, efrem4ika, element686, Elli69, Evgenpro18, EvgenyMsk, Ezhikai, F0Xley, F1cus, f3d0, Ferax, Filinizzeleka, FluffySpider, fox226l, freedomexists, fxxxxr, Genuster, Glensis, globalizator, Golovarchik, greenadyn, Hidest, hlorpicrin, HomeGoblin, HozyainHomyak1, Hroft, hrustalnuh, Imagenta, InBizMas, InsaneMalkavian, inzhenegr, IronBlossoms, isaroot, isershov, JagermesterDeer, JMurik_enl, jobberman, JordanDi, JrPoWar, KarakurtKei, kasmonavt, kennyxx, kholopov, kmiu, koorenie, KotFeLiX, Krozenhover, kss34, l1ghts1de, lapendrit, LegarOrry, Lelcha, letu4iy, LevAlex5, lilikotik, Lokteshov, LoonyLynx, Lotese, maestroVs, Mamanonstop, Man0warr, manonknits, MarrchCaat, Mars9n9, martinmax, mashacap, MakcEXPLO, McBob, Mikai1977, MISS404, Mitaddevidar, Mogwaika, MoIN13, MonyakaWi, mpahan, MrFeedlesticks, MysticLilu, nastyaki, Natas116, Natashg, Netmo, nikans, olegd, Olgemer, omgsp7, OrangeHog, Pavel326, peipus, Piancenso, planbo, Plushiha, poisk446, pr0head, ranenayavesna, Rapturer, ravenmann, RealGG, reneari, rrunix, rutmin, SabrinaJS, Safurochka, saharovamd, SamaelRanger, Samellan, satdish, SerroZelerny, Shweppsik, Silnet, Snufkin113, Sofushka, stee1maker, Stitchguru, swsuicide, TanayaBronco, TayliMirial, TblDblKA, TravaMelissa, Tristan99, truePelmeshka, Tsar76, ulafitay, UpSend, Ursa0, userbet, utulivu, Vorok, Wanderer8, WarriorPashtet, Winsik, YaLehin, zanoza33, ZaSonYaYa, Zdanzki, Zemleroika, ZhenyaSneg, Zuggaramurdy, zukmsk, Zuzyandra

А также нам помогали: AgentFoxy, dartfox, deneor, Ilerien, rawibo, Retty, StasyMinx, sumburno, TotalPipec, ZloyPirozhok

Rule Enlightened, играйте честно.
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OP «Rhombus»

The summer was sorta eventful. Fields anchored on three main airports, a clover over Moscow... But these operations were wrong color. We've decided to retailate with a "rhombus". The idea was suspended for some time, but finally it was given a green light.

Having freaked out more than one time due to intel site lagging, TayliMirial drew the approximate plan (including a link through the center of Moscow) with third or fifth shot and gave up. ZlayaBet took everything into her own hands and sorted out the mess using some advice from  Ilerien and  IlyaHGR.

We saw the plan had deserved implementation, and for a month we were choosing the date to execute the operation. 12th of September was acceptable due to the next day being TayliMirial’s birthday that meant a day off. After that we discovered that Enlightened minds think alike, and the NEM0 group just implemented the same idea of cutting Moscow in half, but that didn't stop us. More green means more fun, so we continued to invite our teammates ("What, another link through Moscow? You're drunk!"). We don't seek easy ways, and the links cut not only Moscow, but also Obninsk and Suzdal'.

It was a mere concidence that agent redbeast1 from Vladivostok came to Moscow before the opeation. More redheads meant more fun, so we called her to help with the OP. Previous one done by group NEM0 was execute just two weeks before, and we were in need of lots of agents, so we just used the well-tried womens technique: we told everyone we were going to celebrate the birthdays of two redheads (15th of September is redbeast1's birthday), "13+15" in short. And by hook or by crook we found just enough agents.
At the end of the day about 200 agents (not just ones from Moscow, there was even an agent from Sakhalin island in the linking team) took part in the operation (half of them cleared Moscow from blocking links), and all 28 fields were created just before the chekpoint yielding 128,382,084 MUs total to the Enlightened.

Thanks everyone! It was hard, but accurate and well-coordinated work.

Idea: TayliMirial, ZlayaBet
Organization: TayliMirial, ZlayaBet, Ilerien, Slnet, Eldonar, nedobudda, redbeast1, brethilie, Llyenar, Balmer, murcat
Key farming/transfer: KirTim, Andreichspas, Rat42, MT81, ZlayaBet, TayliMirial, supportguy, redbeast1, Ilerien, Nertus, DentonDS, Retty, tvtv, deneor, Genuster 
Sky: Demruno, sprw, MT81, milyushina, Cnaugep, murcat, Chenizar, Morhine, Itey, HellYeeeah

Linking: Corias, demote, Zael, dustfm, Nertus, supportguy, redbeast1, TayliMirial, yahooyeahyou, fxxxxr, luhike, Ilerien, ZlayaBet, nirnroot, khrebtal

Path clearing and defensive links inside the city: dartfox, kofeneformat, dbear, yorikkk, isaroot, lutrin, vovaRGB, 3EJIEHKA, de0arnst, no0obie, Alenkij, musicboxbes, zanoza33, Nvirginia, Newrome, rbananka, uieoa, nejtral, Mashatta, PandaKatko, deneor, sumburno, Llyenar, Chez97, craneo, iXplo, Ferald, Auka, MarrchCaat, SevickV, kingofhate, Yto4kO, djelka, cuttercreator, eltronik, Chloroethyl, DEDXACAH, IPBalin, InBizMas, MonyakaWi, puzhater, Ursa0, bti, olgademoscu, RealGG, l1ghtside, kss34, 0ddy, WhiteChototam, ASKirill, JamesArquen, Balmer, brethilie, Snegniy, ultranoise, DrSun, Satdish, Aimen44, Hedger, Fenyok, iMalkav, reneari, askon, Lotese, kreon, hlorpicrin, Opa88, Tristan99, Strange77, Regul8or, Clrum, SskaZzzka, Iodum

Path clearing and defensive links outside the city: Plushiha, briliance111, bollshoy, cucurbitaz, khrebtal, Tibrik13, InstantNata, stalkergfs, Eldonar, Caidisa, Blackterron, nedobudda, Mintmind, epryakhin, wisnman13, Wishwoman13, satdish, madhry, huk912, zl0nline, SerroZelerny, manonknits, bagfidel, anatomy, gabory, maestroVs, 4nitka, Ferax, Castanuela, pirozok, Zhenieva, ArniTC, martinmax, TotalPipec, Klaster77, YesMolotowa, Sturmman, fedyaa, Genuster, pinland, Mogwaika, maloff1, 1another1, Cronosnext, jenyarm, Aptekar40, pr0head, jobberman, iga666, Agnostikk, curyc, poskoree, altlinux, romyk, DentonDS, Niflheimr, Anianara, 170001, sgl, gheser, enoty200shtyk, Chenizar, zakenayo, edgyfrog, kkeyser, SelenaSex, volk33, SoftFAN, gorlum

We'd like to thank every agent from Moscow, Moskovaskaya, Kaluzhskaya, Tverskaya, Yaroslavskaya, Vladimirskaya oblasts, Nizhniy Novgorod, Chita, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and Sakhalin for excellent work!

P.S 13 + 15 = 10 + 18
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