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Melanie Redd
Encourager, Speaker, Author, Teacher, Women's Ministry Coach
Encourager, Speaker, Author, Teacher, Women's Ministry Coach


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Looking for a gift idea for the women in your life - young and old?

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We've Moved!
After several years with Blogger, we've decided to relocate the blog over to the Wordpress site. We'd love for you to come on over and see us! You can reach us at the new site by clicking on the link below:

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God is with us!
Great word from Don Woodruff today... "Whenever we are committed to serving the Lord, we may be required to change our environment. He may have a task or tasks He wants us to complete in another area.  We may be required to move: ~ To another job,  ~ To ano...

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What's Next - Part Four
We’ve spent this week
answering this question:   “What do I do next in my life?” (Just scroll down to find Parts One-Three). On this fourth and final
day, I want to share a story and offer a few very practical steps you might
take in order to begin moving i...

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Joy in the middle of the challenging times...
" Even though the fig trees have no blossoms,     A nd there are no grapes on the vines; Even though the olive crop fails,     A nd the fields lie empty and barren; Even though the flocks die in the fields,     A nd the cattle barns are empty, YET I will re...

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We are in the midst of a series that
is attempting to help answer questions like:   ~ What does God want me to do now?   ~ What does He have next for me?   ~ Where do I go from here? In Part One, we hit on some of the big
issues:    Complete surrender,  Tim...

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What's Next?? - Part Two
Yesterday, I started a special one-week
series considering these ideas: What’s next???   What does God have for me now? ~ Now that I’m finished with school?   ~ Now that my kids are out of the house?   ~ Now that my baby is in kindergarten?   ~ Now that my ...

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What's Next? (Part One)
I recently wrote a blog about jobs,
finding God’s will and accepting whatever He sends our way. There was a great response to the
blog, and so many good questions that I decided to do a one-week feature blog
divided into several parts answering this questio...

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God answers prayer - but not always in the way we think He will!
the past few months, our family has been fervently praying for something… We’ve
been praying for this mom to get a paying gig – a big girl job with a real
salary and some nice benefits.   Everyone
else in the house is gainfully employed, and it has just...

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It's a little rough out there right now!
In the past day or so, reports of
discouraging happenings have been coming my way. Friends are sharing a long list of
painful and disheartening events:     ~   A
car that was broken into…     ~  A
little grandchild badly burned on a hot stove…      ~  A
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