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The girls (my 13 year old daughters) introduced my 6 year old son to this movie the other day. He liked it even more than Frozen. Watched it twice in a row and he wants a pet Falcor now. I doubt that I could even find a toy Falcor for him this late in the game. I totally could have hooked him up 20 years ago.
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Keri Generalao

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Smart , Loool 
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Keri Generalao

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Fashion predictions from the 1800's. You will laugh and laugh and laugh until you get to the 1980's when they were surprisingly close to the mark. Rock Me Amadeus
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Keri Generalao

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+Keri Generalao ikr fuckn around with yall gone get me ate.. something tells me dc is gonna look like atlanta and the cdc if they ever make it
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Keri Generalao

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Yes I do 
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This week was so hard.
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Hi what's happened dear
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Me too! +Abby P. 
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Keri Generalao

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I was on the fence about Cher Lloyd for a while but I think I'm ready to admit that I like her.  Underneath the bizarre singing is a person that can actually sing.  That's really all that matters.
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I am a freelance photographer for my own company Bar Mode, and I am also the social media coordinator for USA Cares.
I'm a singer/songwriter first but I am also pretty handy with computers, cameras and paintbrushes. I'm sort of a jack of all trades.... just don't ask me to do anything athletic. That is where my weaknesses lie.
    Photographer, 2012
    "Bar Mode offers services for visual arts, audio, and interactive media." All of the above are my job with Bar Mode. I run this business with my husband who has been a professional graphic artist for 15+ years.
    Social Media Coordinator, 2013
    "USA Cares exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need." My job involves the social media aspect of that. Extend the net of awareness as much as possible in social media, that's my job.
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I like stuff and things. Wait, that's not true. I don't really like stuff at all. It doesn't have any value to me. I don't like things either. Things cost money and I'm too cheap to spend much money. You want to know what I like? I like people. People are everywhere, they're free and if you behave yourself around them, they'll be your friend. Well, some of them anyway.
Introduction  Don't bug me because you think I'm pretty.  There.. I said it.  I know that sounds kind of terrible but you wouldn't believe the inappropriate amount of instant messages you attract with a semi-decent face.  I don't instant message btw, although I do respond to posts. 
And so, I will tell you that I like music, a LOT.  I can play a little.  I would play more but I can't make it through an entire song before someone says "mom."  I can cook, I loath housework but I keep a clean house, I'm very proud of my daughters academic achievements, both of them have some of the highest test scores in the country.  I really don't know how that happened, so I can't take credit... but proud I am.  How long is an introduction suppose to be, because I like to talk.
 I am a daydreamer with an incredible memory.  Not as fun as you would imagine.  It causes bouts of meloncholy.  They are fleeting and annoying but if I weren't mentioning this now, no one would ever know because I keep "feelings" under wraps.  I don't really cry.  Invictus is my jam.... or it would be if it were a song. 
In conclusion, because you're probably waiting on the edge of your seat hungry for more.  I'm kidding, I'm sure all readers are in the relaxed position...
Ahem, in conclusion.... I sing, sketch, write, and do a variety of other things that are a total waste of time.  I know so much about music, history and pop culture that I am certain I must be a nerd.  Not quite smart enough to be  funny, but smart enough to exhibit dry humor occasionally.  Usually, this does not win people over.  I hear I am abrasive.... I call it honesty, but whatever.  I will let you decide.
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Two girls and a boy call me mommy. One very fine man calls me his wife. These things are pretty freaking sweet.
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