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Testing...typing this on Google+ and hoping it's synced up to my Facebook...

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Outstanding haul at the farmers' market today! 

Now that Facebook has changed its formatting, I can hardly stand to be over there anymore.

Playing with my new MacBook Air and - it has to be said - I am SO EFFIN HAPPY to have a laptop again!!!! Not to mention that I love, respect, and adore the lovely "geniuses" at the 14th Street Apple Store. No joke.

I am mayor of this subway shuttle, thus these are my minions.

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Hey New Yorkers, check out this blog post. All the ways to get around the city: walking, Roosevelt tram, a taxi cab race! This reminded me of why I love it here.

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The air in NYC is sticky and thick today (read: disgusting). If you're a Phineas and Ferb fan, you will so appreciate my theme song today!

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+Jennifer Hubert Swan, I give you a new cocktail: The Honey Badger. Doesn't it sound delectable?

(That said, given that the honey badger is one of the toughest animals in the kingdom, doesn't this drink seem a bit, um, girly?)

Hey NYCers, anyone know of an outstanding tech support place? My 18-month-old laptop has totally tanked and I need serious help ASAP (it's a Windows laptop, not a Mac). SOS!!!!

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NEWSIES rehearsals at the Paper Mill Playhouse!!! +Molly O'Neill and +Martha Mihalick, I'm looking at you!
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