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Heather Thompson
Owner, Denver Private Investigators.
Owner, Denver Private Investigators.
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Black's Law Dictionary is sounding pretty insane here. Can we cue up some sanity, please? Adding a hashtag, "Lawyers Gone Wild." LOL, wait til the video hits. #SmokeDetectorHiddenCams

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February 3, 2012 Broken Foot (4 photos)
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I just yelled at a weird stalky perv. I always keep my webcam ports covered for just such occasions!

Recorded him, too, while issuing a cease-and-desist.

Cyberstalking is illegal. Come to think of it, it's high time I become more active with this. <grin!>

No time like the present to make things happen!

Especially when it comes to protecting women and children from creeps.

So, how to report weirdo stalky pervs on Google?

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I am ready to go Lisbeth on the dilatory predatory "entities" who have riled me to the point of...

Please send help! If you hate Evil Megacorps, and can do anything at all, I'm begging here! We're dealing with really bizarre things, along the lines of captivity/stalking/coercion, and I'll be quiet and post my address, in case bad things happen:

2350 South Columbine Street
Denver Colorado 80210

Thank you. If anything happens to me, please look up the William G Hoover aka WGH Corporate Entity and Life Insurance Policy. Will Hoover is serving a 99 year sentence for White Collar Crime, because of a massive coverup which is about to be exposed.

It's all under Quiznos/Cervantes/Smashburger, John M Moore, and I'm targeted for a hit, according to their "Mafia Ethics."

I live in a Corporate House, I was deposited here with no money, food, contact lenses, vision, nor legal running vehicles...simply to shut me up while they "Restructured" three-quarters of a BILLION dollars in debt...and we wonder why the American banking system is failing!

I'm a virtual prisoner, yet I refuse to be powerless and submit to the evil entities which aim to silence me. Please help! I am absolutely desperate, there is no food, no medicine, and the sociopath perp/trafficker John Murrell Moore is up for the award of, "Most Evil Attorney."

Having posted this, I am certain that retaliation will be swift.

Please, if anything happens to me, tell someone. I'm all alone.

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"He that would make his own liberty secure
must guard even his enemy from oppression;
for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."-Thomas Paine
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