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Hahaha! Dark knight finished!

That only leaves the hated WAR class. Guess I'm going to be doing some PotD for that one.


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Hi! You know The Watch? Yeah, you should go back that! It's going to be fantastic, plus there are owls!* So many owls!

* This may be a lie.


Escape from Wendry, pt. 2

Getting on the ship and getting out of Wendry space is all a blur to me. There was panicking, there was shooting, there was being shot at. I’m actually not sure how we survived that.

We ran for the ship, grabbing random things from shop: B4-S1L grabbed my boss’s body and I tripped over a Hutt on my way up the ramp. Korben pushed us all on board before booking it for the pilot’s chair. I don’t think I believe that B4-S1L and Korben when they claim they just met. They work way too well together.

People were shooting at us. Shooting at me! And B4-S1L was shooting back and Korben was trying to get me to stay calm enough to fly the damn ship without killing everyone. Later, both he and B4-S1L congratulated me for a brilliant manoeuver where I slammed a TIE Fighter onto the gun without hurting our ship. I thought they were just making things up, but Ed assured me that it did happen.

Force preserve me, but Ed is one sneaky bastard. I had completely forgotten that he was on board. I mean, Ed’s a giant space slug. It’s…sort of fascinating watching him lurch around the place with those markings all down his back? …I, uh, sorry, got a little distracted there.

Ed apparently ate all the food and then complained about the lack of more squash. I don’t get Ed at all.

I’d never even left Wendry before this, let alone taken a ship into Hyperdrive before. But Ed slimed his way over to the controls and just…tapped something in for the next nearest port when Korben shouted out the location. I don’t remember where we were going, only that Korben thought it would be a safe port for people on the run. It wasn’t. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Despite the fighters shooting at us and thoughts of my impending, fiery death, the stars blurred together and we were finally safe. I did the only reasonable thing and started drinking. We took stock of the ship and for some reason my bosses dead body was still stashed in the other room. I heard Korben shoot it a few more times. He claimed my boss wasn’t dead and now there was an even bigger mess. So Ed ate the body of my old boss. Gross.

Korbin and B4-S1L were happily discussing our next step. Get to a safe port, take stock of the repairs needed on the ship, gather some news on the attack on Wendry, find the next job. That’s when whatever they were saying clicked. This wasn’t their ship. It was mine! I fixed her up! I piloted her! She was my ship by rights since my old boss was dead! No, they weren’t going to take my ship!

Then Korbin smiled that damn perfect smile of his and said, “Well, I guess that makes you the Captain, eh? So Captain, what’s the plan?”

That asshole had me in his damn claws and he knew it. They knew I wasn’t going to make it on my own out here. I was in over my head and despite everything, I liked these guys, even if the murder-droid tried to cheer me up by letting me know that I was very low down the list of targets. In his defense, anything alive is on B4-S1L’s list of targets.

Unexpectedly, we dropped out of hyperdrive. Well, unexpectedly for me. I was drunk and had no idea how long we were supposed to be in transit. So it took a bit before I noticed what had made everyone else go quiet.

There we were, facing down a Star Destroyer.

The Galactic Empire are sneaky bastards and got here before us.

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A quick study of what Ed the teenaged Hutt looks like. Ed and his jacket of junk. 

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So, two months into playing the game casually, and I've already made Rank 15! I feel like I'm making decent progress at learning the ropes.

If anyone is interested and joining and playing for a bit, you might net me a weird-ass Murloc character. Alternatively, you can hit me up for games and general stupidity on chat. I'm good for that.

(The recruit link will net me a Murloc Shaman...)

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May or may not be what Korben looks like. Still have to run it by the player, but it's definitely what I imagine he looks like. 

Escape from Wendry

It’s only going to be a matter of time before the Empire catches us and I’m going to die a slow death, tortured for information I don’t have and giving only piss-poor explanations of how we got here and why the hell I helped cripple a Star Destroyer. That is unless they just shoot me in the cross-fire trying to get B4-S1L or Korben. That seems more likely, to be honest.
This is all because I got up late for work because Bernie and I were drinking too late the night before and I forgot my alarm and I didn’t hear the weird announcement that the Galactic Empire was taking over Wendry that morning. Korben tells me that it was a smooth operation and he seems like the kind of guy who’d know about that. Which is terrifying now that I say that part out loud. Note to self, Korben should scare me.
They’d planted troops to take out the planet’s defenses right after the announcement. They had Star Destroyers already waiting in orbit. If I’d had an ounce of sense, I’d have just stayed in bed. I have all my papers. I’m just a regular girl working my shit-ass job that doesn’t pay enough for that Rhodian loser of a boss who cuts my pay for not looking perky enough. But I didn’t. I got up and ignored the people milling in the streets and went to work when my shit-ass boss pointed a gun at me and tried to run off with all the money and documents.
That’s when the door was kicked in and a dreamboat in well-used armor and a murder-droid shot my boss without a second thought before trying to steal a ship.
Now look, I know the ships we sold were barely space-worthy hunks of junk. Some were better than others, but we polished them up and sold them for a decent profit. I was good at that. Selling people on the undercoating and window defoggers. Making people want useless junk was my speciality! But those two idiots were going to take the pretty ship with the broken engine and that just didn’t seem right after they’d just saved my life.
So I pointed them at the W4N-D4. At least, that’s what the hull body was originally. It’s an old light freighter model meant for quick-runs through nasty areas. Used to have two guns, but the port one was damaged beyond repair so we bolted on a cargo pod and took down some the interior walls to try and make the space vaguely liveable. We did not succeed. The place is a nightmare of poor design choices. The bunks are just cargo storage niches with threadbare mattresses cut down to size. The hyperdrive console is in a different room than the main piloting console because some of the wiring was too damaged for me to route it properly. And the hyperdrive is failing.
But it’s the only ship on the lot that actually has any amount of speed and the hull is in fantastic condition despite what it looks like. Also, it’s the only ship with working shields.
I don’t know why I followed them, let alone offered to fly the ship. I had no reasons! I should have just pointed them at the ship, gave them the keys and stayed in the office and played scared and robbed when the Imperials came knocking asking why a ship just took off from my lot into a blockade.
It’s probably because Korben is pretty when he smiles and I’m a weak woman.

Some background on the characters.

Omi Palova - About 20 years old, female Twi'lek. Light purplish blue skin with dark green eyes. She stands about 5’6”. She is originally from the planet of Wendry where she lived in a tiny run-down apartment with roommates and worked for minimal pay as a used spaceship dealer. Omi spent most of her time either repairing the near-derelicts or piloting them so that they looked like they were in better shape than they were.

Korben >lastnameredacted< - Late 20s, early 30s, male Coruscant (ie. human). 6’2” and blonde with numerous scars from a career as a bounty hunter. His history is unknown to the other characters (the players know because it’s FATE and that’s how aspects work) but he comes across as a charming enough guy with a penchant for looking out for this friends and being more of an action-adventurer than others are prepared to accept. Originally on Wendry hunting down a bounty.

Ed (Slave#1022108) – Young, probably about 16, male Hutt. Black and tan skin (very rock like) with orange eyes. Ed is an escaped manual labor slave who killed his master in a carefully contrived plot before escaping into the back-alleys of Wendry. Smaller than a ‘normal’ Hutt, Ed has been floating on the edge of survival in the city, fearful of being caught to face punishment for his crimes (murder and being an escaped slave).

B4-S1L (Basil) -  A former Imperial protocol droid who snapped and now wishes for nothing other than the death of all Imperials. He has undergone several  improvements, including stealing the legs from a combat droid, adding extra arms, and generally self-improvements to make himself into a killing machine. Despite B4-S1L’s clear need to get vengeance, he has no loyalties or love for the Rebellion. On Wendry looking for more work that might get him closer to killing Imperials.

This collection will serve as a place where I can spew forth information about the current Star Wars game I'm in called Shadows of the Empire. We're playing the game using the FATE system, with some minor modifications.

I'm planning on writing most of the information relevant to story events from the perspective of my character Omi Palova, a used spaceship sales-Twi'lek. I will also be putting any art or sketches related to game in this folder for convenience.

Please note that anything in this collection takes only Rogue One and A New Hope as canon. Events are set immediately following A New Hope though our characters are not aware of this. Nothing else in the books/lore/movies are considered canon. There will be contradictions with later events, races, or what-have-you!

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So...say you like horror.

And you like manga.

And you like cats.

I was not previously aware that Junji Ito made a manga called Cat Diary. It is a thing of beauty.
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