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EBT: 35,000+ Youtube hits...

As a black satirist, I have to say the effort here is well noted. The tricky thing about black satire is how quickly "we" can take offense without seeing the objective -- Chapter 1's point is not necessarily missed, but it's so on the nose and obvious that it opens itself up, which is the problem.

Great satire is best illuminated in the glow of witticism. That's how we can clearly see it in all its offenses. When you void witticism from satire, it turns into something else .

This isn't a terrible effort, but it ain't Swift. If made less "funny" and just a tad bit more "so funny because it's true" the effort would have succeeded as more smart than snark.

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"The whites have become blacks" says it all... Thoughts?

At 1 min into the vid, David continues, pretty shamelessly for 10 minutes, posing his theory as to why "black culture" is the reason for the UK riots. Nuff Said...

Share the vid and remember there's a petition you can sign as well I believe for him to make a public apology... We're drafting one up for you too Kreayshawn!

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Diverse group of opinions. I still have a huge box of all my LSAT prep books, law school applications and brochures. I wonder what if...

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Remember that good ol’ fresh squeezed 100% pure plantation-style racism they used to sip in this country?

It's back like it never left (because it hadn't), blunt and hard to miss like a big red truck, replete with top-of-mind racial slurs, the stuff that was just as common as a hello once upon a time. Yum! Let me grab my flask!

And to be reminded of the response from GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn for calling Obama a tar baby: "I am sure that he will not take offense and that he'll be happy to accept my apology because he is a man of character."

Recite the following in slow-mo: tarrrrr-baaaby. It’s hard to believe any politician’s apology for using a term that takes that many muscle contortions. Too much work. A simple “nigger” would have sufficed.

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O-Dog meets UGK and Playa Fly for a walk through Harlem. Dope. Now for those who have lived in both the NY and the South (and even Cali) and can spot all of the tiny regionalisms and colloquialisms in his look and lyrics, you'll love this even more. Everything down to the gold wire-framed glasses... Even though the Ole E seems a bit gimmicky (sippin' in a Jumbo Hamburger? Pure fantasy) along with the ONYX-like alley shots, still ASAP is pretty fresh, no?

ASAP Rocky "Peso"

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"Nas is a radical philosopher in the tradition of Rakim and Nietsche (“When I was twelve/I went to hell for snuffin Jesus”). Jay-Z is strictly business, with visions of expansion (“Dabbled in crazy weight/…I’m still spending money from ‘88”) Nas is a pensive poet with a vast vocabulary. Jay-Z is a sharp conversationalist with impeccable timing. Nas crams to understand the world in one verse. Jay-Z rethinks space, giving pauses gravity. Nas always knew his destiny lay beyond hustling (“I’m a rebel stressing to pull out/Of the heat not doubt”). Jay-Z went for his. Before he caught his drug case, the millionaire from Brooklyn’s Marcy’s projects must have considered the hard white a full-time gig (“I’d rather die enormous than live dormant”)."

[My god. People stan for celebs, I stan for writers. But none quite like I do dream.]
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