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A Group of Home Brewers
A Group of Home Brewers

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Here is the fermentation. Wheat on the left and pale ale on the right.
Beer. Wheat on the left

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Christmas Eve Brew Day (Dave's Buzzin Orange Wheat)
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Christmas Eve: In addition to roasting a whole pig in the backyard, we will be brewing an American Honey Citrus Wheat at the same time. We have dubbed it Dave's Buzzin Wheat. (or something like that)

The weather forecast is going to be in the mid-70's. Combine that with the stout and kitchen leftovers beer on tap, it is going to prove to be a great day.

As a side note, the Kitchen Leftovers brew made a great brown ale that is almost a porter in color. We made it extra strong apparently because you can really feel it after a couple of them.

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Well, it ain't pretty, but it supplies cold beer. Keezer for the win!!!

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Hello World. As the inaugural post for our google+ page, I bid everyone welcome. I have yet to figure out how to use google+ and exactly what information to post. So lets start off with a Fermenter Update:

We currently have what has turned into our annual attempt at a pumpkin ale. This year we made a Pumpkin Porter. It has been sitting in our 6 gallon primary for about a month. It will be forced carbed in a keg. (Once we get the kegging system set up)

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming brews along with our kegging equipment project status.
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