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Stian Soiland-Reyes
Geek; Hacking, semantic web, Android, Python, Clojure, P2P
Geek; Hacking, semantic web, Android, Python, Clojure, P2P


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How to not treat loyal mobile customers who are: 1) not tethering (I might have turned it on once to see it working, a month ago)
2) hardly getting a signal anyway (why would I want to sit in the loft tethering?)

To be fair the customer service rep on call fixed it in 15 minutes, but why should we accept being falsely accused by a computer system when paying for "all you can eat" data allowances? Notice the screenshot, "Are you using your phone as a modem or hotspot?" - nowhere is the "No" option.

So what of my almost 2 gigs used this month may have triggered this poorly trained AI?
-Spotify 144 MB
-Android OS 103 MB (!)
-Skype 79 MB
-Media 43 MB (?)
-Guardian anywhere 26 MB
-Chrome 22 MB
-Dropbox 15 MB

Ok I use Spotify, Dropbox, Skype and Chrome on my laptop as well, I guess it can get tricky to detect. But this is what phones can do these days.

+Three UK

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The Java Heist
Yes, that is really Alan Ford from the Snatch in this hilarious trailer for a Java conference in Norway.

If you liked this, you might also want to try:
JavaZone X : The Streaming (Texted version)
JAVA 4-EVER - Official Trailer

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.. at least it would include a way to that annoying IKEA tune out of your head
How Terms of Service Can Have an Impact on User Experience

I have previously mentioned the impact on user experience from terms of use and licensing agreements. In that they are difficult to understand for individuals who are not lawyers. This in itself is problematic when such terms of use have to be understood by a wide variety of users and enforcement itself is often not clearly understood.

Considering the increased integration of software into our lives, the legal aspects of software can present user experience issues.
This is a funny little video mixing the singularity with these agreements. This is a little food for thought for those who do product policy, but also to make people aware that user experience reaches beyond the service or application itself, but the rules for the application as well.

via +aimee whitcroft

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Not the easiest install procedure - but finally managed to get my gVim set up with a Clojure REPL thanks to the below

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Originally shared by ****
HTML5 Attack Scenarios; I am not a security expert, i.e., I cannot really judge the validity of what is written here. But if even part of this is true, it is really concerning…

Brits, what did you vote today? Mancunians, mayor or not?

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Specify preview for Android, huge improvement!
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