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Time is money. Measure it carefully.
Time is money. Measure it carefully.

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We made a number of small corrections and added a new feature in these releases.
All time card edit rules have been removed. Session can now start and end on different days, and the time out can even be prior to the time in (this results in negative hour). This makes it easier to edit session.

Edited time card session now print out in Italics.

For users who want to be paperless, we added an “e-signature” feature which allows employees to electronically sign their time cards. We plan to make a short video on this feature, but in the meantime just give me a call and I’ll give you a quick demo of how it works.

We also added an option to exclude “Holidays” from the Approved Time Off report. And we added a link from the Managed time Calendar to this report which is located in the Management Reports section. This report can list the approved time off for:
·        Just one employee
·        Any particular department
·        Or everyone
It all depends on how the employees listed in the Add/Edit/Select grid on tab number one.

Also in Version
One common problem is accidentally making an employee Inactive by change the ‘Yes’ to a ‘No’ in the Active column.  This hides the employee and all of their timecards and it may appear that the employee has been deleted. This is not true! The employee and all of their data is still available.

Normally the filter bar above the Add/Edit/Select employee grid filters the employee list such that only active employees are shown. To list inactive employees you can either change the drop-down above the Active column to “No” (doing this will cause only the inactive employees to be displayed) or turn the filter bar off) doing this will cause all employees, active or not, to be listed in the grid.
The name of the button used to toggle the filter has been changed from “Toggle Employee Filters On/Off” to “Show Inactive& Active Employees” when only the active employees are shown and “Show Only Active Employees” when the filter is turned off.

What’s new in the ShopClock Version
 In order to calculate the hours worked ShopClock subtracts the TimeOut from the TimeIn. If the TimeOut is before the TimeIn this subtraction results in negative hours. In order to avoid this mistake ShopClock would not let you quit editing the TimeOut cell until the TimeOut was later than the TimeIn. Unfortunately, sometimes the TimeOut was correct and the TimeIn needed to be edited, which was impossible until the TimeOut was later than the TimeIn.
We are changing the code so that if the TimeOut is prior to the TimeIn you will be warned, but the edit will save and the hours will be negative. You can then fix it however you want. No more forcing you to stay on the TimeOut cell until the rule was satisfied.
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