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A couple of days ago I told people I wanted to create a Quality Not Quantity circle. This would ideally consist of G+'ers who don't necessarily post every hour or every day, but who do post things that are interesting, fun, thought provoking, etc. They don't feel the need to flood the stream just because they can, they post when they have something worthy of sharing. The response from everybody was great! Thank you to all who contributed!

As I said in my original comment, I don't think you have to put 30 messages up a day to be considered an active, engaging person on G+. Just be part of the community when you can make it here, and have fun. Isn't that what this is supposed to be about? Community?

I'm excited about all the new people (to me) who have been suggested to this circle. I can't wait to get to know them and see what they give me to think about. I invite you to share this circle of Quality as recommended by G+'ers.

As always, I recommend that you check out their profiles and their posts to see if they fit what you enjoy reading and seeing.

Let's get to know some people we might not have come across otherwise. :)
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Thank you! I'm new and have been looking for people to connect with. :)
Thanks for including me in this circle. It'd be a good idea me doing the same in Spanish.
Thanks +Hans Berendsen! It's because of all of you that it's such a cool circle. I just put it all together. I'm loving it! :)
Awesomeness! Did you put this into It's the best way to let people know about it, and this is definitely a circle worth knowing about. +CircleCount
Great idea! I'm not a quantity post person either. I enjoy engaging in this community more and more each day.
Thanks you +Shay Dougan very nice of you, and once again: A nice idea of how to create a circle. I hope that idea will make people think more about "what or if" they post. Enjoy your weekend. P.S. I will share it soon.
You're welcome everybody! I love this circle! Really I should be thanking all of you. :)

+Anthony Fox how do I put it into I went there but didn't see how to do it.
+Shay Dougan , please take me out of this circle! I appreciate that you placed me in here but I wish to be taken out of it. Please, I also wish to be enlightened on how I came about in entering your circle when I never had immediate contact with you until now.

On a positive note: your circle is awesome - there are people I have added before this circle but sadly I do not wish to be part of it...
+Shay Dougan Wow - I feel honoured Shay, thank you. Looking forward to getting to know the new people here :) Have a great weekend

Thanks so much for the inclusion, +Shay Dougan. It's a great group of people and I love the concept behind it.
wow. thanks for sharing me in the circle. some real quality people here. :)
You have my apologies +Stéphyy Vee. You were recommended for the circle by +Tiffany Henry because she considered you to be someone who posted quality items. I'll remove you.
Don't worry; I will give out a court summons to +Tiffany Henry on the grounds of a breach in the tort of defamation... Hence she'll have no choice but to come visit me in Australia ahahaha.

Love you, Tif but if this is the only way to make you come to AUS sooner then so be it. ;)
Thanks to everybody for all the great suggestions! For the most part, it's really added to my experience here on G+. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! :)
Thanks so much +Shay Dougan :)
Sorry only saw this now - wonky notifications.
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