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Scott-DC Gerow

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Scott-DC Gerow

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Here is one of the things I wanted to share with everyone.  Good luck in the future.
To protect your kidney function, keep these three basic factors in mind: restrict protein, restrict fructose, and drink pure, clean water.

Scott-DC Gerow

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Part timer general labor Auction Driver

Scott-DC Gerow

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Scott-DC Gerow

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Please Help these Polar Bears in the Arctic. 

Scott-DC Gerow

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Scott-DC Gerow

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Scott-DC Gerow

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4 Marriage should be honored by all,
and the marriage bed kept pure, for God
will judge the adulterer and all the sexual-
ly immoral.5 Keep your lives free from the
love of money and be content with what
you have, because God has said,

"Never will I leave you;

never will I forsake you."

6 So we say with confidence,

"The Lord is my helper; I will not be


What can man do to me?"

HEBREWS Chapter 13 verses 4 - 6.
See Also: PSALMS 118: 6, 7

Part Time Auction Driver working for COMMAND CENTER

Hi, My name is Scott  D. C. Gerow, and I would like to have this opportunity to encourage you and  help strengthen You in the Lord with Bible verses.LORD willing. The Bible is the word of God inspired by the Lord God and the Holy prophets of the Bible. It is a book that is still very relevant today... Even the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament.. Not the sacrificial laws - only the tribes of Isreal are supposed to have or can have and perform certain sacrifices like from the old Testament times, But we are dead to the Mosaic Laws of the Bible. Remember: God He desires mercy, not sacrifices. To live and die with Christ. We are dead in Christ. And so we live with him.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope this helps.

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  • San Leandro High School
    English, Art, Soccer, Cross Country, Science, Track Team
  • Chabot Commmunity College
    general education
    weight lifting, swimming, ceramics, world religions, english, sociology
  • Ohlone Community College
very part time Auction Driver in San Francisco Bay Area, Command Center located in Hayward, CA
delivery courier driver class C bobtail (automatic transmission), car relocation, food/snacks and beverage customer service, part-time Janitor, Front End clerk customer service, shelf grocery stock person, light stock work clerk, cashier, Gas Pumper, part time experience in Line-Haul Driving, Pizza Cook and Pizza Line Server and Customer Service /Dishwasher,.Night Shift Manager
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Day 259 -

Why do you worry? I wait to give you all that is lovely. I can only bless glad thankful hearts. Day 259

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