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Writer Wednesday - Week 1
Every Wednesday I'll share a small portion of my writing. Hope you enjoy what you're reading! Excerpt (Daxton, Chapter 1) The sound of cannon fire surrounded The Shadow. A ship filled with men—pirates droopy-eyed and still in their sleep attire, scurried ab...

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Maleficent adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick (Book Review)
"This is the story of the faerie Maleficent. Not the story you think you know. Not the one that starts with a curse and ends with a dragon. No. This is what really happened. And while it may have a curse and a dragon, it has much more. For it is a story of ...

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The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters (Book Review)
"I'm staring at the insurance man and he's staring at me, two cold gray eyes behind old-fashioned tortoiseshell frames, and I'm having this awful and inspiring feeling, like holy moly this is real, and I don't know if I'm ready, I really don't." Review: An ...

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Read of the Town: Maleficent (Adaptation) by Elizabeth Rudnick
It cannot be denied, I absolutely L-O-V-E the movie Maleficent ! I can prove it since I've already seen in 4 times in the movie theater. After the 4th time however, I promised myself I would refrain from seeing it again. I need to hold onto my finances to p...

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Read of the Town: A Grimm Warning (TLoS #3)
Chris Colfer, who many know as Kurt Hummel from the once popular television show Glee, is also an amazing writer. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first to read his book because I didn't think it would be very good. Boy was I wrong! And I know, ther...

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Read of the Town: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
I've got to say I'm still really pissed off that someone within her agents firm let the cat out of the bag about the real identity of the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. I understand why J.K. Rowling did it. There's been a lot of question about whether or not s...

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Read of the Town: Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Whenever a politician, especially one with a last name of Clinton, writes a book, there will be hordes of people clamoring to read whatever "secrets" might be found within. I'm sure that can be said for any politician that has had some scandal attached to t...

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Read of the Town: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
Stephen King has been on a role lately! Especially since his books in the last year I have been able to read. Specifically Joyland that came out last Summer. Since then he's also written the sequel to The Shining, which fans of the book and the movie I'm su...

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Maleficent (Movie Review)
This is my review after seeing this movie TWICE over the weekend. Actually, because I live in NYC I was able to see this movie on the evening of May 29th! I loved it SO much (as I knew I would before even seeing it) that I went with a friend to see it on Sa...

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A Gift of Love by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Book Review)
 "A French philosopher said, 'No man is strong unless he bears within his character antitheses strongly marked.'" Review: This is a first of its kind review for me because it's the kind of book I'll go back to whenever I feel I need it. I usually don't read...
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