Question of the Day

I have many opinions. Some are popular, well accepted, and easily reasoned, but some are not so popular.

Some are downright offensive to others.

But I'm secure in my opinions because I've looked at them over and over again. Every time I learn something new that is relevant, then I will look at that opinion again.

I can do that because I keep firmly in mind that they are opinions and not truths.

As for truths, I have very few, and they are easily proved. They're things like: I'm alive, I'm a dude, I'm a father... Y'know, actual truths. Things that aren't opinion until you get into serious philosophical debate, where everything is opinion!

So my question for you today, is:

What are three truths about you?

1. Male (Physically and emotionally)
2. Father (Genetically and emotionally)
3. Opinionated (I have opinions, therefore I am opinionated :P)
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