Question of the Day

It has become almost embarrassing how easy it seems to be for stupid people to get into power. A politician in parliament today used the term "palpably absurd."

How can absurdity be felt?

And this is a British politician, born and raised in England, and a Conservative to boot, so likely someone with a private school education, and possibly a top five university degree.

And he does not know that the phrase "palpably absurd" is totally absurd!

Yes, I know there are better examples of politicians being stupid, but this is one that I encountered today.

The thing is, I don't think it's necessarily stupidity as much as not being able to think quickly on their feet. They get flustered and sprout out absurdities. At least, I hope that's the case!

I mean, it makes sense. Politicians that are senior enough get used to having advisors and speechwriters. They may know what they know, but nobody can know everything. Does letting a politician have speechwriters train them out of the ability to speak for themselves? I think that, when anyone is surrounded by people telling them what they can and can't say, they will lose the ability to think intelligently on their feet.

So my question for you today, is:

What is your opinion of your elected officials?
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