Question of the Day

There are many dangers in life that can be taken for granted; crossing a busy road successfully, as an example, is something that can result in death or serious injury. We manage to navigate these dangers every day because they're everyday dangers.

There are other dangers that we have been taught to avoid. Most people know which part of their town or city not to be in after dark.

There are also some dangers that people are very bad at recognising; like knowing whether a person online is who they claim to be.

People who want to hide who are online for nefarious purposes have figured out how to do it well, and often switch names as often as they switch socks.

The thing is, there are also people who need to hide their identity for good reasons. These are easy to identify because they tend to stick to one pseudonym only.

So my question for you today, is:

What dangers are you bad at recognising?

I'm bad at identifying people I can't trust, initially... I tend to be overly trusting, at least, at the beginning.
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