Question of the Day

Mondays are difficult enough as it is, but this time of year (at least for the northern hemisphere), they’re worse. When you’re as far north (globally speaking) as us here in the UK, many people leave the house in darkness, and return after the sun has set.

As the days get longer, things get easier, but then, at this position on the planet, summer nights are maybe four hours of darkness, and lack of sleep becomes a problem at that point.

Adapting happens, but, at least for me, as soon I’ve adapted, it’s time to adapt again!

The most difficult part of Mondays, though, is that everyone else is feeling it, too. Most people have some level of empathy, so walking in to an office on a Monday morning with everyone feeling dejected that it’s Monday can easily ruin even the best of moods.

So, my question for you today, is:

How do you combat the Monday Blues?

Music. Lots and lots of music :D
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