Question of the Day

In life, there are always choices; from what to have for lunch, to whether or not to throw everything away and start over, and beyond.

Sometimes, it's possible to feel as if there is no choice, but that's only because any other option is too horrific to contemplate.

There is always the choice to wait and see.

Most of the difficult choices I've had to make have been about relationships.

However, since I've had to make them, I've found myself more aware of those smaller choices, specifically the freedoms to make them.

It used to be that I would choose something quickly. While I'm still impulsive in many ways, I feel I've become a little gun-shy in others, especially when it comes to buying things.

It's a strange feeling for me, but I'm sort of glad I have a little more control.

So my question for you today, is:

What are you indecisive about?
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