Question of the Day

Sometimes I despair for the human race. Usually more so when I commute.

When I see people with their feet on seats opposite them while sitting directly under a sign that says not to, or taking up seats for those who need them more, and ignoring everyone else, or bashing and kicking others without even a grudging apology, I just wonder why people are so selfish when travelling on what is essentially community property.

The scariest part is that it's not just young people... I've seen pensioners be just as belligerent, and all of it makes me wonder why so many people seem to have so little regard for their fellow humans.

Somehow, either the media or society in general has made it "cool" or popular to be selfish, and that needs to change.

So my question to you today, is:

What are some of your pet peeves?

Some commuters, bad grammar (but I hide that one well), and bad drivers!
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