Question of the Day

In meatspace, if you meet someone randomly, all you know is that they were there at that time. They can give you a false name, spin a tale, and leave you thinking you've met someone completely different to who they are.

I know of many people I've talked to in meatspace who see only a carefully filtered side of me, and it would be easy to show that carefully filtered side online. It would be a lot easier to maintain than in a face to face conversation.

The thing about any interaction, be it online or offline, is that a lot of people play roles. Some are subtle, like the differing language choices we'd use in the workplace and at home, while others are more powerful.

We don't open up about everything to everyone. We have filters we put up to show just what we want to.

There are things I won't talk about online, and some aspects of my personality that only shine through face-to-face.

So, my question for you today, is:

How much of you is online?

I would say about 75% :D
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