Question of the Day

There are many modes of communication available to us; from face to face, through video communications, audio, and down to text. We also have our own preferred methods of communication; there are many who hate voice or video, as an example.

What we also have, are communication methods that work best with us.

Sometimes, getting someone to help you is more about how you approach them than even the words, or the content of request itself.

One of the best tricks in a leadership position is in getting to know how to approach people. This means that sometimes you end up using your least favourite method just because it's their most effective.

It's part of why I have become comfortable with every method of communication I've discovered. I just use it until it's no big deal anymore.

So my question for you today, is:

What mode of communication is least likely to be effective with you?

Sadly, email. Email is so far down on my list of priorities that it's pretty much non existent. I'll leave email for days, sometimes, before even reading it.
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