Question of the Day

Laws, some say, are made to be broken...

I've broken a few myself. Nothing major, just driving too fast, parking illegally, that kind of thing. Paid the fines and moved on, not feeling particularly evil afterwards.

But all laws are there for reasoning that was valid in the lawmakers' minds at the time, even though some really don't apply to current cultural and social views.

As an example, there's talk of increasing the speed limit on motorways (that's freeways to you folk in some countries) over here to 80 miles an hour. I'd love it if that happened, but I doubt it will, just because too many (myself included) see speed limits as targets, in that the idea of staying under them is unfathomable.

But the new limit would make sense because most people drive at that speed anyway.

So my question for you today, is:

What new law would you like to see happen?
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