Question of the Day

How we define our heroes has always been an interesting topic, to me. I tend to honour everyday heroes more, as I may have mentioned here before.

I mean, how many people hold the teacher who taught them to read as a hero? What about the people who stand ready to fight fires, heal, or protect us from harm?

They are people too. They are yearning for us to look beyond the role that you see them in, and understand that, while they are there to do a job that is mostly for your benefit, they also have a life outside work, loves of their own, everything.

And it's sad, really, that they are all often underpaid, reviled, and forgotten as human beings.

Yes, there are bad people among them, but some are also just people who have found that the only way to deal with the unending stream of crap and abuse thrown at them by governments and people, is to fight back.

But how helpful and happy would both sides of the conflict be if we just worked together? What if we worked with the police, firefighters, ambulance drivers, paramedics, coast guard, and teachers?

Wouldn't the quality of all our lives, and the services they provide, improve?

So my question for you today, is:

Who is your everyday hero, and why?

I'm going to focus on teachers for my answer today: My mum taught me to read, Mr Hinds taught me some fantastic mathematics, and Mr Kemp, my old secondary school headmaster.
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