Question of the Day

I've said to many people that I learn as much from my son as I teach him. He reminds me of the simplest of wisdoms, and the purest. He reminds me the value of emotion, and owning how you feel. I learnt again from him that it's ok to make mistakes, every now and then, as long as you understand them.

I learn many things from my friends, too: patience, kindness, open heartedness, love, romance, fun, and most of all, I get to learn what they know, because they share it with me.

I've also learnt much from the books I've read, be they fiction or non fiction. Believable characters are only that way if they have real responses.

I've learnt from watching strangers interacting as I sit in a coffee shop drinking coffee. This has happened in several countries!

I'm always learning. I love learning. I love discovering everything I can make sense of.

So my question for you today, is:

What are your favourite non-standard sources of knowledge?
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