Question of the Day

Information is power. Boundaries are control.

If you put it on the internet, someone will be able to see it.

I have a healthy respect for boundaries. Occasionally, I'll misunderstand, and push, but mostly, I'm good with not going to places I'm not wanted. I've worked hard to become that way, though, because I don't like it when my boundaries are pushed (by anyone other than me, or someone I've let in).

The amount of information that can leak out is amazing, though. I know I've let more than a few details out, mainly because they're too relevant to the topic I'm discussing to keep them locked down. Yes, I could spin a parable, but that, to me, is disingenuous.

So while I do maintain my boundaries circles, I know that there's a lot of stuff out there about me to find, and I'm okay with that :D

So my question for you today, is:

What are boundaries do you enforce in your social life?

All information about my family is kept to a select few :)
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