Question of the Day

The world is not a simple place. Life, I’m sorry to say, is not easy.

But that’s the beauty of it!

If life were easy, if it could be summed up in a few simple, pithy statements, everybody would be happy all the time, and happiness itself would become meaningless.

Without night, there can be no dawn.

Yeah, yeah, I like my own pithy statements :P

But that metaphorical dawn is all the more sweet because you’re never sure when it’ll come. I’ve been in some long, dark nights, in my time, and I’ve had many long days in the sun. The pendulum swings, but it doesn’t have a constant rhythm.

Day and night in the physical world are already predictable, so nobody celebrates relief at the arrival of morning any more.

So while you’re in the darkness, let one part of your mind plan the party for the arrival of dawn. If nothing else, it’ll keep you focused on the work ahead.

Which leads me to my question for you, today:

How will you celebrate your next dawn?

My answer? All I know right now is that there'll be a lot of food involved!
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