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Ayoub “Alex” Khote
Philosophically Deviant Multi-Format Geek
Philosophically Deviant Multi-Format Geek


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Hello, profile visitor. Welcome to my little corner of Google+ :)

Take a look around, say hello, listen to some music, join a discussion... Whatever you do, be cool :D

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Just... Yeah.

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Imagine a world where people saw all human beings as equals.
Imagine a world where nobody was considered less than human for their gender, skin colour, ancestry, country of birth, or religion.
Imagine a world where healthcare and education was free for all.
Imagine a world where the there was no "them" and only "us"



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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter

I started reading this last night after picking it up from Amazon as part of my Prime membership, and right from the get-go it's funny, crude, crazy, and frigging brilliant!

Worth a read :D

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Since watching Death Note (the series) a few months ago, I've been watching a fair amount of anime, some good, some just weird... The thing I found about most of them is that I hated the music, until I watched Guilty Crown.

I love this song.

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Maybe when V-GER comes back, it won't be so pissed off :P

Via +Jyoti Q Dahiya
We're beaming a winning message from Earth into space as part of our celebration of 40 years of Voyager. Last chance to vote -- closes tomorrow! Vote now for your favorite message: #Voyager40
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To all of those out there looking forward to the moon blotting out the sun for a bit, remember to use proper eye protection.

My mum made the mistake of glancing at a solar eclipse when she was young, and her eyes were instantly damaged - she went from perfect vision to needing glasses overnight. Had she not done that, she wouldn't have needed glasses for years.

Have fun, but stay safe.

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Sounds about right.

Via +Ayakashi Fox

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I wrote a thing about a thing that blew my mind.
+Ayoub Khote shares some thoughts on Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and finds himself lost for words. Wait, is that possible?
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