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Can someone else write this?
Can someone else write this?

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Sorry to be one of "those people" but I have another question. I'm trying to create a fully secret character, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. The character hasn't been introduced yet, and so I would like all the details secret for now. 

Hi! I recently joined Scabard, and am still fiddling around with things. One question I have, is there a way to arrange the list section by category (such as Character, Event, and Place) ? It feels strange that they are just thrown in a list together. I'd love to see different tabs in order to keep them separated and updated. 

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A friend of mine is making a movie in San Francisco, which I'm quite excited about. Please donate if you feel like supporting local endeavors. 

Sometimes the solution is to let The Doctor deal with it. 

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 I created a little game on the site called Mistery. Still working on really utilizing the structure, but come have a look:

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I took the plunge and started a blog about GMing. We'll see if I have enough to say to sustain it.

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How many left handers out there hold their pens inmore than one way? I realized today when I was writing that I hold my pen in 3 different ways depending on different factors. One way, I'm sure I was taught was the "right way" to write. One way, I realized that I was taught not to do actually  improves my writing quite a bit. I'm almost tempted to go back to it exclusively. (Essentially the holding the pen straight down with a bent wrist). 

If I tweeted, I would love to live tweet my Thursday RPG. The new discussion is "The ethics of Dream Puppies" 

I'm trying to figure out what in my inbox is causing this ad: Sequenced cDNA Gene Clone - - cDNA & Expression Ready Vectors, 10000+ Genes at US$95/Gene
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