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Tiffany Lee
Disney addict, learning enthusiast, fluent in sarcasm.
Disney addict, learning enthusiast, fluent in sarcasm.

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"Q-Pon" is the bane of my existence. That and pronouncing crayon as "crown." The English language is hard enough to learn without butchering it this way!

I saw a Mashable post that said G+ was experiencing some astronomic growth, but mine still looks like a ghost town..anyone else's G+ blowing up?

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+Jeff Kennett, too bad you didn't get to wait with the Woz!

4 invites left for Google Music Beta. Nothing super special about it, but I love being able to listen to my laptop's mp3 library via streaming from any computer (esp. At work) or android device. Listening to it on my GoogleTV now while I clean the house!

Send me your email address if you want an invite.

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To show you what kind of a company Steve left behind, they either a) were well prepared for this moment and had a memorial ready to go for or b) they sprung into action and made this happen really quickly. Either way, a great legacy.

I'm geeking out in Coke's booth. They have a soda machine that uses concentrated flavor cartridges to create 125 different sodas in one machine without all the soda boxes. So far, I've had a peach sprite, strawberry sprite, and raspberry coke. The data they get out of this thing is incredible too.

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OMG.. I thought this commercial was a joke. Seriously? Bathroom flaps?

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Ahhh...a Red Sox free playoffs... it feels good and life finally makes sense...Thanks O's!

Rooting for the Orioles harder than usual... and also the Rays. At least we can keep one of my AL East nemeses out of the playoffs. Let's go O's!

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2 Things I love: Disney and Tech. this looks like fun..
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