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Roleplaying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Roleplaying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


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Ladies, Gentlemen and other...

We have a SWEET new skin on the boards.  Faster load and very clean, easy to follow structure.  With the new skin and to better help us get geared up for the next term (which will begin in April) we are doing a sitewide activity check.  It has literally been YEARS since we did a sitewide check.  It's located here  Go.  Respond.  You have two weeks.  Follow the example set by Aimee Ryan.  Thanks.
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First, a big huzzah for last term's Prefects and Head Students! You did a wonderful job and we are very grateful.

Now, your new Prefects are:

Katherine Ayers
Colin Manuel Chapman

London Smith
Zachariah Isaac

Phoebe Morgan
William Adams

Vixen Shields
Jensen Blacklaw

Head Girl
Kate Power

Head Boy
Hyde Patrick
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Hi there lovely writers!  It's that time again.  We are looking for Professors for the following classes: 

Intro Astronomy
Intro Charms
Intro DADA
Intro Herbology
Basic/Advanced Herbology
Intro History of Magic
Intro Transfiguration
Basic/Advanced Transfiguration
Ancient Runes
Muggle Studies 

To apply for any of these positions see thread for details
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Board Message
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ATTENTION ALL HSO PROFESSORS:  You have been sent an OWL and now I am announcing here.  There is a MANDATORY activity check.  GO READ YOUR PM then act accordingly.
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Alright, lets all do this 30 day challenge! Post your challenges daily below, and as your G+ status, and tag our fan page. Please post your house and year you were sorted into at (alumni's are welcomed to join and their housepoints counting) and we will make sure you get two points per daily challenge done. If you complete the entire 30 day challenge, you will receive a special award on your profile on the site! #HSOchallenge #30daychallenge #harrypotter #hogwartsschoolonline
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Greetings Members of HSO!

We are still looking for a few professors and staff members.  Classes will be strictly RP and follow the books, so some will only be offered to third year and above.

In order to have an adult character your student character must be 3rd year at least, and you and be active with them.

Open Professor spots include:

    Intro to History of Magic

Open Staff positions include:

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Professors and castle staff: TOMORROW is the last day to respond to the activity check on the board. 
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Please welcome our new Librarian and Adviser to Hufflepuff House Master Jakub Nowak-Cohen and our new Divinations instructor Professor Envy Drake.
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From Professor Leroy McLean : 

The new poll winners are confirmed.
Concratulation to Kate Power, of Ravenclaw house,
for winning WOTM! and
Concratulations to Cassius Augustine, of Slytherin house,
for winning QOTM!
"I see beauty and danger living together in an unperfect balance."

Been a while since the last polls, but check out the new poll for February coming the next days.
If you've seen a quote you'd like to nominate please do so in the thread located
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